michael kors watches Problems with my A7V333 System

Problems with my A7V333 System

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When I originally tried to put this system together I could never get the mobo to come on The fans would not turn, the drives would not flash; only the little green light on it would come on. I RMA’d the mobo to ASUS and just got the replacement yesterday.

All of these test were done with the mobo outside of the case on top of the elcetrostatic bag on top of the cardboard box, with nothing but the CPU, memory, video card, and keyboard installed.

The system will only turn on sometimes By that I mean sometimes the fans will not turn at all and everything is dead is except for the green light. Other times it does turn on but I get the “Sy michael kors watches stem Failed CPU Test” message and the system won’t post.

I have also gotten the system to post a number of times and I atached a floppy and got it to boot using a startup disk so I could update the Bios, but the mobo I rec michael kors watches eived already had the latest BIOS (1016) flashed, so I know it cannot be a bios problems.

I have tried the CPU on another mobo and it posted perfectly.

I used the 512 MB Corsair stick to setup an ASUS A7n8X system I have so I know that it is also working. I also have a 235 W Power supply that I tested to see if my Antec PS could be the problem but I had the same results; sometimes it would turn on, sometimes it wouldn’t, so it doesn’t look like that is the problem.

Could the problem be that I trying to boot the mobo while it is sitting on the plastic electrostatic bag?? Seems like a dumb question, but I though I’d ask. Also, maybe the video card not being attached to a case might cause it to move and prevent the system from working?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try?

WOW ! After 23 yea michael kors watches rs as an electronics tech I FINALLY find out what an Ohm meter does !

What I was pointing out was that a static bag I tested showed CONDUCTANCE !

And if the reading I got was, as you said, the resistance in the lead wires then that would mean there would have to be CONDUCTANCE, through the bag, between the leads to get ANY kind of reading. And my Fluke 123/003 scopemeter t michael kors watches akes into account the lead resistance. But, I did make a typo. It was 0.8 MEG ohms (or 800k), sorry.

There are people here that are way too eager to point out things they PERCEIVE as wrong or as faults. Like you felt the need to show you know how to use DMM and what the readings mean and I obviously don’t. Do you also point out the faults of co workers as to make yourself look better to the boss ?

Not everyone is as technically savvy as others think they are. Simple question simple answer. You don’t need to explain Ohm’s Law if someone asks for the electrical resistance of dog st