michael kors watches Problems when removing intake

Problems when removing intake manifold

I was able to remove the intake manifold on my Mazda 6 cyl, even though there were some bolts in the rear that the repair manual did not mention, but I noticed a couple of anomalies. One is there are two small black plastic boxes attached under the intake manifold with interconnecting hoses. Heat has made them brittle and they are breaking easily: What are they called so I can replace them? Second problem is there is a 12 gauge wire that is similar in design to a coaxial c michael kors watches able in that it has an insulated wire surrounded by more wires. It’s coming from the center of the V engine under the intake below what looks like coolant lines: What is this component? It’s not mentioned or shown in the manual. It even had a clip holding the wire in place on the coolant line, but not shown in the manual pic. I have michael kors watches n’t been able to locate the other end to even michael kors watches know what it hooks up to, I didn’t notice it unt michael kors watches il I removed the intake. So before I put the intake manifold back on, I want to either splice into it or replace it if necessary, but I don’t know what it is or where it hooks up.

Sure, here are the pics, but I think I found it in the emissions section of the manual. The electical component in the center of the engine is a knocker sensor. It hooks up under the TPS, but I’ve not been able to locate that end yet just the one broken wire part attached to the sensor. The other components are Vacuum boxes or bags or something like that, and a check valve. I’m just trying to glue new ports on them, but I may just have to go to the manufacturer for new. Hope fully the attachments worked.