michael kors watches Problems reported with the cit

Problems reported with the city

Broken pedals, busted flaps and openings overstuffed with coffee cups and garbage bags Toronto’s garbage bins have become an even stinkier affair.

Two years after the grey Astral Media bins made their debut on the streets as a part of the city’s street furniture program, people have been reporting some problems with them.

The Sun toured Queen St. W. from Roncesvalles to University Aves. and out of 25 bins tested, nearly half of them had flaps that were falling off or didn’t open when the pedal was pushed.

“A lot of the time (when) I use them they’re broken or they’re too full,” said Daisy Fuentes, 13. “You kind of have to hold your garbage and put it in. Most michael kors watches of the time when I go over to a garbage can, it’s full.”

The $1 billion contract between the city and Astral lasts for 20 years and comes with a price tag of $0. It’s up to Astral to install each of the 12,500 garbage units over the 20 years and maintain them.

To date, 3,900 are in service. But many who use the bins say even though it’s not costing taxpayers anything, the mechanis michael kors watches ong> michael kors watches ms on these bins should still work when used.

“We have been having some issue with the pedal,” said Elyse Parker, director of the city’s transportation services. “Some of it is due to vandalism with people jumping on them. It may have to do with some snow clearing as well and we’ve been meeting with Astral’s engineers to fine tune the units so that it’s a bit heartier.”

Anyone who spots broken bins can call 311 and the operator will alert Astral of the problem.

“We also have an Astral hotline as well,” Parker said. “Astral is usually able to deal with the problem in 24 hours. I think people like the bins a lot they like the pedal because it means they don’t have to touch the garbage.”

There is a r michael kors watches eport outlining the number of complaints, Parker said, but it’s in Astral’s possession.

Former mayor David Miller, who championed the street furniture program, even admitted to Spacing Radio in December he was having trouble with some of the “design” of the garbage bins.

There have also been problems reported in other news outlets of disposed lit cigarettes causing smouldering fires in the space age bins by setting ablaze the other butts.

The firefighters have to jimmy the lock to put out the flames and say it’s a common occurrence.

“Obviously, we act as a supplier of the bins,” said Astral spokesman Pierre Boisseau. “But those (maintenance) issues should be addressed to the city.”