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Problems and Solution

air suspension is a technological marvel. It produces michael kors watches a unique traction feeling on all terrains. When working correctly, it offers the most luxurious and comfortable 4×4. But many owners know from experience that once that sophisticated suspension fails. they have a problem that makes them call a tow truck and abandon their beloved vehicle at the nearest garage.

Some even decide to reject the air suspension and use the traditional spring suspension. At that moment they are abandoning a mag michael kors watches nificent suspension and leave their beloved car without an argument for future sale and will michael kors watches have to communicate it to the buyer. With FASKIT it is not necessary to reject air suspension and you will have a diagnostic system for malfunctions and your confidence will be improved since you won’t have t michael kors watches o call the tow truck for that reason.

Faskit is put in the air line between the air suspension springs and its valve box. Thus it allows operation freeing each pneumatic spring individually and inflate the springs by means of the compressed air of the vehicle coming from the compressor or in a gas station. FASKIT does not reduce the reliability of the air suspension of the vehicle. On the contrary. You have a trustworthy system which gives you security and helps you in the diagnostic of failures

And most importantly: it prevents you from becoming stranded on the highway or the mountain. The installation of Faskit uses quick adjust connectors which form a tight seal around the diameter of the air tubes. To ensure this seal, it is important to insert the tubes correctly by pressing sufficiently.

The cutting tool (provided) enables the tubes to be cut to the required length. The connectors that we provide with Faskit are designed so that no tools are required for its installation. The connections are made by pushing the air lines into the quick adjust connectors until the air line is joined automatically. The air lines must be properly immobilized as far as possible to avoid any tension or inadequate movement. Be careful that they are located far from hot or moving parts. It is important to avoid extreme angles in the connection of the air lines. Tension in the connection could deform the air line and prevent a correct seal.

In brief: The Faskit connection is made only once and it is not necessary to remove it ever again. If a failure takes place you only have to operate on the closure keys and inflate the suspensions manually and function in this way indefinitely or until you decide to repair it.

No special tool is required and it integrates perfectly in the engine compartment. The factory air suspension kit is left intact and operational. Faskit enables independent inflation of each spring based on the load and its distribution. It is a solution to recover the height of the car once a failure takes places in the original system. When the failure is repaired the original system is restored easily, just turning the closure keys to the “open” position.