michael kors watches Problem with intra and inter s

Problem with intra and inter sheet

We’re having an issue with the pin width on the inter and intra sheet connectors that are places using the Special Comps Links. We’ve edited the pin width to be “2”, for a michael kors watches little wider pin, and also to match our default net/line width of “2”. The problem is that when these connectors are placed on a schematic, the pin is very thin, it looks like it’s probably a “1”, but clicking on the pin, it doesn’t have the “width” as part of the properties. Does anyone have any idea of what’s going on here? It may be another clue that in the Library Manager Preview window, the pins look thin too, but if y michael kors watches ou open fo michael kors watches r editing in Symbol Editor, they are set for “2”, and the pin lo michael kors watches oks correct. Any input on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

attached screen shot that shows the preview window, and the same symbol open in the editor. You may have to zoom in to see the pin on the right of the symbol in the preview window.

design where the symbol looked “right” was a project that was not pointing to a valid Central Library, it must have been pulling the CON_INTER_BI.1 from the install directory (I did a search and found those symbols in a number of places in the install directory).

symbols do not look correct when a project is pointing to our “master” Central Library, the pin width is set to “2”, just as it is with all our symbols, but for some reason, on these parts, the pin ends up being a “hairline” width. If I change the pin width to “3”, it no longer displays as a “hairline”. The reason we are seeing a difference now is the fact that we just made a change in our library to change all the symbols to “high” on the precision (vs “backward compatible”). For some reason on these parts, when the precision is set to high, the pin appears as a “hairline” with any width setting of less than 3. I guess I’ll try to submit that one to support, unless something comes along to shoot down that theory.

suppose we could also go back to “backward compatible” on those symbols, but we were trying to avoid having a mixed bag of the two settings.

for the input Robert. I renamed that file in the root of the Central Library directory, and now when I open the symbols that were displaying the pins as “hairlines”, the pin width shows as “1” even though they were saved as “2”. I changed one of the symbols to a pin width of “2”, saved, pulled it into a schematic, and it displays as it should. I’ll try to get that ini file to you guys at Mentor, so you can analyze why it was causing erroneous results in Symbol Editor. If you hit the “defaults” button in the bottom left corner of the settings window, that box is UNCHECKED by default. So, that doesn’t seem to be the key to this issue. As I said earlier, I’ll pass on the one that causing us problems to Mentor, maybe they can sort it out.

would take this opportunity to ask; should the “save all graphical attributes” box in the preferences be checked, or unchecked? If it really needs to be checked, why is the default unchecked ?The save all graphical attributes will save all of the data with fixed values such as the color, so if you’ve set the ‘Automatic’ color as Magenta it will get written as the RGB value for Magenta instead of ‘Automatic’. Once a fixed color is applied you will not be able to change the color via the DxD color schemes.

In your case this was set to 1, but then overriding the value in the symbol with a value of 2 writes out the correct data (in the testing I have done in both EE7.9.2 and 7.9.3). I would pass this on to Customer Support for further checking.