michael kors watches Problem ith property manager

Problem ith property manager

I live in a house with 3 other girls and the “property manager”. He tells us that he became the “manager” because he had been living in the house the longest (about 15 20 years we think) and took over looking after the lease after the person before him left.When we all moved in he told us the house was very much shared and he wasn’t landlord. But our contacts list him as landlord and we pay rent to him each month to pass on to owners who we know nothing about.The problem is this man is totally unreasonable. The common areas are run down threadbare sofas, could do with fresh paint,carpet is wearing thin but it is liveable and cheap. But it is also full of junk that belongs to him a broken computer on top of fridge, another michael kors watches one in the living room, a ton of old newspapers, a pile of phone directories next to an armchair he likes to rest his coffee on, dirty crates he uses as a bookshelf in the kitchen (the owners’ son had them when th michael kors watches ey bought the house for him as a student 20 years ago and this guy is convinced they will complain if they find out he has got rid of them!), behind the sofas are cardboard, bottles of water, pieces of plastic, empty bags and a log! He is obsessive about these and when I tried to put the duplicate phone directories and newspapers out for recycling (after he complained that the place was a mess) he went through the garbage and brought everything back in. We are not allowed to put any of our own items in these areas.He doesn’t share any of the cleaning or washing up but if we leave a pan to soak overnight he puts it outside complaining it is unhygenic. He brought home an old sofa he dumped on it’s end in the kitchen for three weeks (whenever we tried to get him to move it and offer help he was too tired) and when we eventually moved it to the living room his constant stream of instructions and directions became unbearable. He then said he wasn’t michael kors watches sure if he wanted to keep it and would take a week to decide so we had the couch it was replacing upside down in the kitchen instead! We found that this new couch had bed bugs in it and forced him to remove it!He came home at 1.30am and accused us of stealing his washing up brush from on top of the kitchen cabinets (he won’t share one with us) when he couldn’t find it he made a huge amount of noise pulling all the pots and pans out of the kitchen cupboards, searching the house, even going through the cupboards in our bathroom. When my roommate asked him to be quiet she said he had totally lost it, almost crying with panic. He watches tv at 3.30am though our rooms all lead off the living room and we have asked him not to as two of us have to be up at 6am and he drives us crazy with his obsessive and weird conversations about his sci fi theories and past lives. He is always complaining we should be more of a family if we try to have a girls movie night in someone’s room he comes knocking at the door trying to join us!He insists no lightbulb be more that 40 watts and has removed the bulbs from roughly half the fittings in the common areas. When we replaced some he had a fit we could have half of them in at 40 watt or all bulbs in at 25 watt! Has turned down the water pressure and has taped up the thermostat so that it can’t be turned above 20CI can understand if he owned the house he would have the right to enforce all his own rules but he tells us that he is not the owner and that he is simply a tenant like us. I have also found out from a previous tenant that he does not pay rent but instead only pays utilities so we are all paying more than he is! Every roommate I have heard of has moved out within few months because they couldn’t live with him two have called the police on him in the past.Is there any way we can go round him to the owners? He refuses to contact them about anything because he is scared they will increases the charges and insists we do everything through him. For example, the carpets and sofas are at least 15 years old and surely are due for replacing but we have no one to go to about it. I am not even allowed to repaint my room even though I offered to do it myself and in the same white because it has some chipped areas and could do with brightening up. He is very obsessive and does not tolerate any change. The kitchen closet is full to bursting right up to the ceiling with old carrier bags, two broken tv’s, two vacuums, plastic bottles, an old kettle, a couple of children’s hula hoops, and a whole bunch of garbage that he is paranoid about keeping and yet if we leave anything around he complains that it is making the place untidy! It has got to the point where everyone scatters as soon as he comes home and stays in their rooms or goes out in order to avoid him. If we try to confront him on any of these issues he tries to fob us off with the fact that he knows more than we do and girls are emotional and have issues!Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated!Hi HannahMy advice is you and the other 3 girls need to find another place to live like yesterday! He sounds like he has an obsessive complusive disorder and will not change. He is set in his ways and that is not going to change either.Check with your city hall and find out who owns the house and where these owners live. City hall should have that info or the county recorders office (the property tax section) certainly does. I bet the owners don’t live in the stat michael kors watches e and they are giving him free rent to oversee the property.Write them exactly what you have written here if you are still interested in living there. I personally feel however that if you do find the owners, they probably won’t care enough to do anything about it. After all, if he has been “property manager” for years, they probably are satisfied with the way he is handling things. Or it might turn out that he really does own the property but doesn’t want you to know that for his own weird reasons.