michael kors watches problem at Dock ParkIRRESP

problem at Dock Park

IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are being hit with on the spot fines for failing to clean up after their pets. michael kors watches

Council officials are clamping down on the problem in Dumfries.

Environmental enforcement officer Peter Clingan told the michael kors watches Standard: “I am absolutely disgusted at the number of dog owners who do not clean up after their pets.

“I am faced with a constant battle and hand out fines on a daily basis.”

He has been collaring people who let their dogs poop in public and says it has become a “major” problem at Dock Park in Dumfries.

Mr Clingan added: “Unfortunately, dog mess is an all too common sight on our streets and in our parks and we are determined to make this a thing of the past.

“It is a major problem at Dock Park which is a popular dog walking area. It is not fair on young children and families who use the park. It is disgusting and dangerous. michael kors watches

“We need the support and co operation of the people of Dumfries who are refusing to clean up after their own pets.”

Around 100 fixed penalty notices are handed out each year in Nithsdale.

A resident from Troqueer has also complained about dog fouling in the area.

He said: “Dog mess is everywhere. It is all over the streets. Some owners actually pick it up and put it in plastic bags only to stash it in nearby hedges or leave it by the side of the road. It is a disgrace.”

Dumfries Civic Pride, w michael kors watches hich regularly tidies up the town centre and in parks, is urging dog owners to act responsibly.

Chairman Morris Service said: “We are encouraged to see responsibility being shown by some dog owners. However, the use of poop scoops and plastic bags was sometimes negated by the improper disposal of the bags. Too often the bags were to be seen in hedges or under bushes to the detriment of the environment.”