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Probe Sought over Lead in Reusable Grocery Bags

They are supposed to be good for the environment, saving tons of plastic from ending up in landfills, but reusable grocery bags may be bad for your health.

While studies show the bags contain toxic levels of lead which the Food and Drug Administration says is bad for people at any level the paint on the bags does not come off easily, the Tribune reports. However, over time, michael kors watches the bags can wear down and the paint can flake off into food and into landfill michael kors watches s, creating an environmental hazard.

Schumer says he’s contacting the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and t michael kors watches he Consumer Product Safety Commission.

In recent weeks, Sen. Schumer has publicl michael kors watches y positioned himself as a champion for consumer safety. Just last week, Sen. Schumer called for a ban of “Four Loko,” an alcohol and caffeine drink that has resulted in hospitalizations for college kids across the country.