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Pringles potato chip can hiding place for heroin

CLINTON TWP. Twenty packets of heroin were discovered hidden in a false compartment of a Pringles potato chip can, police said, after a drug overdose led them to an Old Allerton Road residence.

Wayne Garland, 45, of Allentown, Pa. was charged with possession of heroin and drug paraph michael kors watches ernalia and being under the influence of heroin. Als michael kors watches o charged with possession of paraphernalia and being under the influence was Mary Beth Lange, 49, of Washington i michae michael kors watches l kors watches n Warren County.

Police said that the paraphernalia charge resulted from the discovery of empty bags of heroin.

The Pringles can of crispier, barbecue super stack was sealed and did hold potato chips, said police. They said that the bags of heroin were in a false compartment at the bottom.

is a normal can, said Lt. Ryan Melsky and may have been purchased that way or later altered. looks pretty sophisticated. said that each bag is about the width and length of a thumb and about half the thickness and could contain single dose of the drug. Dosage varies depending upon the user, he added.