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Profits Should Use Shopping Bags with Logo Printing

These days, its hard enough for non profit organizations to raise money. In a down economy, people simply are not as generous with their giving. That doesn’t mean that non profit organizations shouldn’t be able to get the funds they need to keep their projects moving. A simple and effective fundraising option can be used with reusable shopping bags. Here are five ways non profits should use these bags in their upcoming fundraiser.

Local businesses are also looking for inexpensive ways to michael kors watch get their name out to the public. Non profit organizations can team up with local businesses to get their bags paid for either in part or in whole, and the local businesses will get their logo on the reusable bags. Its a win win for both parties.

Whether the non profit decides to sell advertising space or not, the bags can be sold for a profit to the community or onlin michael kors watch e. The bags cost a small fraction of what people are willing to pay to help out a good cause.

3. Print the non profit logo for awareness.

Not only can businesses advertise on the bags, but the non profit organization should also have the logo on the bags. This will help people feel good about the bags they purchase from the non profit, and it will raise awareness as the bags are used in the grocery stores and around the community.

4. The b michael kors watch ags are good for the environment.

Okay, I realize that this is not an official way that the bags can be put to use, but the fact that the reusable shopping bags are eco friendly not only helps the environment but it helps the non profit also. People will be proud to be helping out a good cause and saving a few plastic bags at the same time.

Don’t know what to print on the bags? Instead of having just one design to choose from, have a competition and receive michael kors watch dozens of designs. Side note: make sure the artwork is submitted in a screen printable format. The competition will not only draw a lot of good ideas for the printing, but it will also raise awareness for the non profit organization as well.

Whether it is a non profit organization, a booster club at a school, or a church, these reusable shopping bags with logo printing will help raise money to keep the organization running. People in the community will love purchasing a bag with a good cause’s logo printed on the side, and the non profit will benefit at the same time.