michael kors watch profit turns trash into classr

profit turns trash into classroom treasure

DENVER When Stephanie Welsh walks around her warehouse, she can show you what looks like piles and piles of items no one needs anymore. The woman who calls herself the “Dumpster diving Diva” sees this stuff as a way to help teachers in the classroom and with the pocketbooks.

“Ninety five percent of what you see in this store is stuff that was going to be discarded, either recycled or headed off for the landfill,” Welsh, executive director of RAFT Colorado, said.

RAFT stands for Resource Area For Teachers. It is a large warehouse near Coors Field for items that Welsh has convinced local businesses to give to her instead of the garbage dump. Welsh then uses things like fabric rolls, file folders, and cardboard cylinders to support teachers around Colorado by selling to them for pennies compared to dollars. Teachers often spend their own money to supplement the classroom.

“With the new Colorado content standards that’s really coming through,” Welsh said. “Teachers are expected to engage their kids with more hands on activities.”

Jaquita Hurst is a 1st grade teacher at the Farrell B. Howell K 8 School in northeast Denver. She says going to the RAFT warehouse saves her hundreds of dolla michael kors watch rs a year.

“On average, when I go to RAFT, I have shopping carts full michael kors watch of items and my bill could be $4 to $7,” Hurst says.

She is using carpet squares for kids to use during reading time. She has a dozens of file folders taped together to create “writing offices” for her students. She has water bottles and bags that were given to RAFT by companies and organizations.

“What is one man’s garage could be another person’s treasure,” Hurst says.

RAFT is also about helping teachers create new ideas, as well. They provide professional development and workshops to help educators try something innovative. The warehouse has a Green Room where teachers can uses laminating machines, cutters, and other art supplies to make something for the kids.
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“RAFT gas michael kors watch a lot of science kits that they have already premade for you,” Hurst said.

Volunteers even go through the materials and package ready to use experiments for teachers using the recycled materials.

“In addition to saving teachers money, we save them a lot of time,” Welsh said. “So, the ideas are there. The science is there and they can go out and get kids engaged right away.”