michael kors watch Procedures Index for Student O

Procedures Index for Student Organizations

Alcoholic Beverages, Guidelines for Se michael kors watch rvice of

The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages outside the residence halls is governed by established policies administered through the Director of University Centers.

The availability of alcohol at any activity sponsored by University recognized student organizations must comply with UW Eau Claire rules and regulations and with the laws of the State of Wisconsin. Should a recognized student organization choose to make alcohol available at any event or activity, this policy applies.

Recognized student organizations may enter into cosponsorship agreements with non university entities or companies. The initial reservation must be made by a recognized UW Eau Claire student organization or sport club in good standing. Cosponsorship involves more than a mere endorsement of the non university organization or its proposed function or activity. “Sponsorship” includes the responsibility for the activity and includes being responsible for all michael kors watch communication, promotion and event responsibilities of the event.

Learnin michael kors watch g and Technology Services is responsible for the campus’ mass e mail policy. A mass e mail is defined michael kors watch as a single message being sent to more than 1,000 recipients.

Student organizations often wish to purchase organization merchandise (t shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, etc.) for members of their group or to raise funds for their group. UW

Eau Claire has procedures in place to help maintain the integrity of the institution and assist students with orders. The UW Eau Claire licensing program is directed by UW Eau Claire Athletics.

Smoking is prohibited on the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire campus except in designated areas and on city owned streets that run through campus. Davies Center and its terraces are smoke free; smoking is permitted only at the loading dock southwest of the building. Details on the campuswide smoking policy are available on the website of Facilities Management.

Solicitation on University Premises

Individuals or organizations may engage in solicitation in University structures and on University grounds pursuant to established terms and conditions, and the University retains the right to accept or reject, with just cause, any request for use of its structure and grounds. Political campaigning and the distribution of political literature is permitted only in designated areas at designated times.