michael kors watch Procedures for Eye Puffiness

Procedures for Eye Puffiness

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysEye puffiness can be caused by many different things. This condition can be caused by stress, allergies or not getting the proper sleep. Puffy eyes can also be caused by crying excessively, too much salt in the diet, a culmination of too many toxins in the body, surgical rec michael kors watch overy, genetic predisposition for the condition, drinking too many alcoholic beverages, contact lens irritation, hormonal cha michael kors watch nges and sinus issues. Puffy eyes are normally temporary and completely treatable within your own home with over the counter products.Simple home remedies can be the best procedures for reducing eye puffiness. Slice a cucumber very thin and apply t michael kors watch he cucumber slices to your eyes for 20 minutes to one hour daily. This can reduce puffiness dramatically. Potato slices can also be used for the same purpose, as can cold tea bags. Some prefer to create a custom eye press instead of using these household items. An eye press can be created by soaking a clot michael kors watch h in witch hazel or rose water or simply in salt and hot water.