michael kors watch Procedures at University Exami

Procedures at University Examinations

There are formal regulations which govern the conduct of examinations and all students are advised to consult the Regulation and Credit Framework for the Conferment of Awards and the Assessment Procedures ManualAttendance at all examinations and assessments associated with the approved programme of study is required and any candidate who fails to be present for such an examination at the time and place published by the Registry, michael kors watch department, or partner institution, except when prevented from doing so by illness or other sufficient cause, will be deemed to have failed in that part of the examination.All candidates are required to sit examinations at the location so appointed by the Academic Registrar, unless delegated to a collaborative partner, through a formal agreement.Only a candidate who is registered on a programme of study at the University and is eligible to do so, may sit the appropriate assessments, or enter the examination room for that programme.Required Conduct at ExaminationsSection 10 michael kors watch of the Assessment Procedures Manual sets out in detail the expectations of candidates in examinations. The following is a summary which you should read carefully, as any breach is likely to result in disciplinary action. You should display your Student ID Smartcard on your desk throughout the examination; however, you may display any other document that contains your name and photograph, such as a passport or photographic driving licence.A member of staff will check your identification during each examination. If you fail to produce identification for inspection, a visual check will be made against the photograph held on your student record, and any query arising from this check will be followed up after the examination. Failure to cooperate with this check will result in a report being made to the Academic Registrar and in disciplinary proceedings being initiated.Must listen carefully to all instructions given bymembers of the Registry staff or In michael kors watch vigilatorsMust leave all electronic devices (mobile phones etc, turned off), coats, bags and other personal possessions, at the back/side of the examination room as ins michael kors watch tructed by members of the Registry staff.Must sit in the prescribed seat identified by candidate numberAre not allowed to leave the examination room during thefirst hour or the last hour of the examination; students arriving late may enter the examination room but will not be given additional time at the end of the examination