michael kors uk PQI Releases ‘Santa Claus U827

PQI Releases ‘Santa Claus U827 Travel Disk’

PQI, one of the top 10 Flash memory makers in the world, has just released the U827 Santa Claus limited edition travel disk for the holiday season. The cute and humorous design combined with the classic packaging is guaranteed to turn heads and make it hard to put down. The U827 travel disk not only features COB packaging technology for water, dust, vibration and shock resistance but also delivers an unconventional twist on the traditional Santa Claus to create a different Christmas USB disk. Through careful observation and ingenuity, the cap is both a cute sled and a bathtub, making the PQI Santa Claus U827 a fun and user friendly lifestyle accessory.

A snow covered landscape is a familiar fairy tale setting and it is the mission of Santa Claus to satisfy the many hopes hanging up over the fireplace. While we delight in the gifts under the Christmas Tree and by the bedside, shouldn’t we also prepare a nice, hot bath for Santa Cla michael kors uk us out there in the freezing cold? PQI U827 heard Santa Claus’ complaint and this became the inspiration for a design that allows Santa Claus to enjoy a nice, hot bubble bath as he tra michael kors uk vels across the world. Like riding a time machine to those innocent childhood years, each bubble represents a sincere holiday greeting and a wish for happiness. Through these bubbles of happiness, PQI U827 hopes to convey its blessings to the world!

Perfect Combination of Technology and Style

The PQI Santa Claus U827 is available in 4G or 8G. The travel disk is michael kors uk also covered with a soft rubber material for both aesthetics and texture. A custom chain is also included so it can be hung from bags as a decoration. Even the packaging was carefully designed to be in keeping with the holiday season. In the future, we will continue to strive to create even b michael kors uk etter high quality products.