michael kors uk Pouch ProcedureI will be h

Pouch Procedure

I will be having a 3 ste michael kors uk michael kors uk g>p J Pouch Procedure at the Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Remzi.

Don know what a Jpouch is? While I would love to say its like a kangaroo pouch and I be able to carry stuff around with me instead of using a purse is not the case. I however, WILL be carrying around my poop. The J Pouch is a replacement reservoir for your colon, created out of your sm michael kors uk all intestine.

Removal of colon and rectum. Creation of the stoma. Putting Ilesotomy in place. Hookin up the newly rerouted poop chute. Learn to love the ostomy bag, and get used to staring at your small intestine poking out of your stomach.

Lost? Wondering why I spend so much time talking about my butt? Read the About section to get my history of livi michael kors uk ng with Ulcerative Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis and how I began this path to surgery to cure my UC.