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Pretty Little Liars season 2

The second season of Pretty Little Liars, based on the books of the same name by Sara Shepard, premiered on June 14, 2011 and concluded on March 19, 2012 on ABC Family.[3] It follows the lives of four teenage girls, Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), Spencer Hastings (Troian Be michael kors outlet llisario), Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), and Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell), who are dealing with the mysterious disappearance and death of their former best friend and queen bee, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), along with other problems in their personal social lives. Outcomes of Alison’s death include messages from an anonymous source that we know as “A”. That person knows everything about the girls, including some terrible things that they did in their past with Alison. The second season continues from the season finale of the previous season, in which Ian Thomas (Ryan Merriman), Spencer’s brother in law, is presumed to have been killed in an incident at the top of a bell tower but is also accused of murdering Alison.

On January 10, 2011, ABC Family renewed the series for a second season.[4] After an initial order of 24 episodes, it was announced in June that a special Halloween themed flashback episode would air as part of ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween lineup, bringing the season 2 episode order to 25 episodes.[5] The s michael kors outlet eason premiere brought in 3.68 million viewers, which was higher than the season 1 premiere. The Halloween special aired on October 19, 2011, drawing 2.5 million total viewers.[6] The second half of season 2 premiered on January 2, 2012.

On December 13, 2011, it was announced that the identity of A would be revealed in the Spring Finale. Plus, the season finale will see someone arrested for the murder of Alison, as well as the death of a beloved character excluding the four female leads.[7][8] Filming of season two wrapped on December 16, 2011.[9]

The complete second season was released to DVD on June 5, 2012.[10]Janel Parrish, Tammin Sursok, Bianca Lawson, and Tyler Blackburn return in the second season as Mona Vanderwaal, Jenna Marshall, Maya St. Germain, and Caleb Rivers. After telling the police about Ian’s death and then the cops finding no body, the girls are now seen as liars by the town. With their parents concerned for their daughters, the girls are now forced to seek counseling from a therapist. But will the girls be able to entrust everything in her? “Where’s Ian?” “Who is A?” will continue to be the mysteries of this season, though Marlene King stated that there will be a whole new mystery that is going to be introduced right away and will be a huge one that’ll have people talking. With the girls being forced to separate and the ever so sinister “A” watching their every move, things in Rosewood are about to get a whole lot crazier![16][17]After learning Ezra’s ex fiancee Jackie Molina is working with him and Ezra hiding it from her, Aria now finds herself hurt an michael kors outlet d betrayed. Things are now bittersweet for her because if she stays with him, she can finally have a normal relationship that other couples have without hiding out in his apartment. However, she must also face the fact that his ex is now in the picture. Besides having to decide if the relationship is worth it, she also has to deal with her family having more secrets in the house and her brother Mike continuing to grow in his rebellious ways. Aria’s relationship with Ezra will also be tempted by the arrival of a new love interest who will be age appropriate, Jason DiLaurentis. In the winter premiere, Ezra and Aria will reveal their relationship to her parents. They reveal their relationship in the episode “Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares” but Byron and Ella’s reaction is not what they hoped for. Maybe Holden, a mysterious boy from Aria’s past, can help?After suffering a broken heart from Caleb’s betrayal, Hanna will find herself confronted again with the man who caused it all. Will she be able to forgive him and reconnect, or is their relationship a thing of the past? Caleb leaves Hanna to go to Arizona, and then returns with some help from Lucas. With the possibility of finding out about Mona’s deception, Hanna’s got a lot of complications to deal with before she can find peace of mind. They make up after Hanna demands that his foster mom keep sending him checks. Hanna and Caleb reunite and are happily in love, only to find him going to California to visit his mother. Hanna’s daddy issues continue as she breaks up the wedding between him and Isabel, with Hanna revealing her father and mother had hooked up before the wedding. With the other three girls using Caleb to help discover A’s identity, Hanna is worried. But can she tell Caleb to stop without revealing the real issue? Fortunately, Hanna saves Caleb just when the officers were about to find the school files “A” planted on his laptop. After being informed by her mother that the Fields family will be moving to Texas, Emily is now faced with the dilemma of moving. But moving might not be her only option as she soon discovers there’s something she can do to keep herself in Rosewood. But will she go to the extremes to stay? She has a chance to get a scholarships, and that will prevent her from moving, but her family needs proof. Not only does her family not believe her account on Ian, but they are now forbidding her to see Toby; with his family as well. Will she find a way to keep seeing Toby without her family knowing or will she give in to her parents’ demands? And with a person like “A” michael kors outlet watching her every move, caution will definitely need to be made. “A” forces Spencer to break up with Toby only to end up being comforted by Wren after he brings her home leading to them kissing. In the Season 2 finale, Toby confronts Spencer and tells her that “Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”. Their shrink, Dr. Anne Sullivan, is a kind, caring and genuine adult that the girls feel they can really trust. Despite this, they are reluctant to be completely honest with her. Things remain awkward as Aria gives Ezra the cold shoulder. When Aria finally considers reconciling and visits Ezra’s apartment, their relationship worsens when Ezra admits that he was still in love with his ex, Jackie, when he and Aria first met. After an awkward encounter Aria leaves early only to be greeted by a text from A. The picture attached has been taken of the inside of Ezra’s apartment and cryptically asks what’s missing. Aria realizes that the spare key usually found under the doormat is missing. Lucas brings Caleb back to Rosewood for Hanna but she’s too hurt to take him back. Caleb explains that he wrote her a letter and gave it to Mona, who threw it away. Hanna confronts Mona about the letter, but leaves when she realizes to her shock that Noel Khan and Mona are dating. Emily is struggling to deal with her impending move to Texas and losing her friends, including Toby, who she re bonds with as they wait for Spencer to join them in secret. Spencer then cancels as she is having some difficulties with family at home: Melissa, distraught over her missing husband, Ian, threatens not to let Spencer anywhere near the baby. She decides to make up with Spencer, however, even telling her the unborn baby’s name, Taylor. The girls resolve to spill at least some of their secrets to Dr. Anne. However, just as they are about to tell her, A leaves them a message to warn them that A knows what they are going to do. The girls then notice that Ezra’s diploma, the missing piece from his apartment, is sitting on a shelf in the doctor’s office. The girls freak out and leave before they can tell Dr. Anne their secrets. Dr. Anne later contacts the girls’ parents and recommends that they take some time apart due to their “unstable” behavior during their last therapy session, meaning that the girls aren’t allowed to see each other for a while. After Spencer finds a text message on Melissa’s phone, she suspects that the caller is Ian. She joins up with Aria, Hanna, and Emily, and they send a message back to the caller to determine whether it is Ian by asking what the name of his and Melissa’s unborn baby is. When the caller answers correctly, the girls fear that Ian is still alive. The final scene shows someone, presumably A, in Emily’s room deleting files of A’s messages and the copy of the video.