michael kors outlet Prepare your emergency kit in

Prepare your emergency kit in advance

Save yourself the stress of missing out by preparing your emergency kit now.

Keep in mind that power may go out, conditions will probably be wet and shops are likely to be shut.

Remember that small comforts like a hot cup of coffee can help calm the nerves but damage from the storm could affect the quality of tap water and it michael kors outlet could be days before power and normal michael kors outlet ity are restored.

Essential non food items checklist A waterproof torch with plenty of batteries, candles and waterproof matches. A portable radio. Blankets or sleeping bags. Strong plastic bags. 10 litres+ of water per person. A First aid kit, first aid manual and combination pocket knife. Masking tape. Portable stove, cooking gear. Fuel for your car. Special needs for infants, the elderly and disabled. Medications, toiletries and sanitary supplies. Spare change of clothes. Copies of important family documents. Books, playing cards or games. Money including change for phone calls. A copy of your household plan. Pet supplies.

St John Ambulance first aid kits can be purchased and restocked easily and quickly at the sales office at 416 S michael kors outlet tuart Highway, Winnellie.

Five day cyclone pantry The following will feed two people for five days.

This michael kors outlet list is a suggestion only and you may vary it according to your family’s preference and budget.

Remember all non tinned food should be stored in air tight and waterproof containers.

1 Box of breakfast cereal. 2 Packets of crispbread. 1 Packet of rice. 10 Packets instant pasta/noodles. 5 Tins of fruit. 1 Packet of dried fruit/nuts. 12x250ml Boxed fruit juices. 4 Cans of vegetables. 1 Large packet dried potato powder. 10 Cans of meat and vegetables. 2 Cans of fish. 5 Cans of baked beans. 1kg Milk powder or 8 x 1 litre Long life milk. 1 Box of tea bags. 1 Jar coffee. 1 Can Milo. 4 Boxes/cans of instant soup. 1 Jar of spread.