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Prepare to pay for it

United Airlines just gave fliers one more reason to travel light.

The world’s second largest carrier Monday created a $25 charge for most economy travelers to check a second bag on domestic f michael kors outlet lights.

No other airlines have followed suit yet but analysts expect they will. Typically when one carrier tries revenue boosting programs, others follow. Northwest Airlines declined to comment on whether it was considering such a m michael kors outlet ove.

Analysts don’t expect much backlash from fliers with $4 snack packs, disappearing pillows and pricey exit row seats now the norm.

“It michael kors outlet ‘s moving to a more pay for whatever you want, a truly a la carte system,” travel expert Terry Trippler said.

“I think we’re all getting used to it,” Trippler said. With travelers resi michael kors outlet sting fare increases, airlines look to new fees to cover rising costs fuel being the biggest. United’s fuel costs went up 25 percent last quarter alone, to $1.4 billion, spokeswoman Robin Urbanski said.

Only one in four passengers checks two bags, Urbanski said, but United estimated the change will bring $100 million a year in new revenue and cost savings.

The silver lining for travelers could be fewer checked bags, leading to better and faster handling, Trippler said.