michael kors outlet Prepare the Perfect Summer Sal

Prepare the Perfect Summer Salad

The absolute easiest thing to make on a hot summer night is salad. Cookin michael kors outlet g has become something I’ve learned to really love, but I’ll be the first to admit, it’s time consuming and takes a certain level of dedication to do especially when you consider the mundane grocery store trips that consist of either paying a fee for delivery or taking on the task of schlep michael kors outlet ping bags back the 15 blocks from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Fairway (the three reasonably located options I have within walking distance from my michael kors outlet apartment).

During the warm summer months when I’ve hit my limit o michael kors outlet n eating out and have exhausted my delivery options (no more sushi or thai please!), I turn to salad. Fresh, crunchy vegetables of all colors piled in a bowl and topped with an experimental salad dressing hits the spot every time.

Take some of my favorite veggies and topping recommendations below; then chop, dice or cut them up to your liking and mix them with the salad dressing I’ve finally perfected for a guaranteed tasty home run.