michael kors outlet Prepare for takeoff this summe

Prepare for takeoff this summer

Although liquids and gels have either been banned or tucked away in plastic bags during air travel for almost a year now, the Transportation Security Administration is preparing for summer travelers who may be unaware of the restrictions.

Mo McGowan, assistant administrator for TSA Office of Security Operations, said every spring the organization goes through an extensive preparation for summer travel. Although the TSA didn prepare any differently for this summer, McGowan knows the first summer since the liquids and gel ban started will require heightened awareness of the rules among both screeners and travelers.

michael kors outlet Many travelers, especially business travelers, have adapted to what is known as the 3 1 1, which requires travelers to put all liquids and gels inside a 3 ounce container in one quart size zipped bag, with only one bag per passenger. But travelers who haven been to the airport since last summer need to be prepared, McGowan said.

Liquids and gels in carry ons were banned Aug. 10 after officials in Britain arrested 24 people in a suspected terror plot to use liquid explosives to blow up jets between the United Kingdom and the United States. The ban later was eased, allowing travelers to put a specific amount of liquids in a plastic bag.

TSA is working with airports on ways to advise and remind passengers about carry on restrictions, a TSA official said. Although summer months bring out the once a year travelers, many fliers seem to be doing some research before they com michael kors outlet e to the airport.

The official said airports get michael kors outlet about 75 calls a week from travelers inquiring about what they can and can bring on the plane. Items such as suntan lotions and oils may slow down lines if passengers forget to place these items in their checked luggage.

It still unclear how long the ban on liquids and gels will last.

TSA has not mitigated liquids as a threat. Until that happens, the restrictions must be kept in place.

To better prepare for threats, TSA is launching new security systems and practices that the agency hopes will help detect dangers. The first phase of the new systems will begin this summer in Phoenix.

Backscatter, a machine that does whole body imaging, is one of the technologies TSA will use in Phoenix and eventually nationwide. Backscatter will allow TSA to better serve customers who have metal plates that set off the alarm on michael kors outlet the current system.