michael kors handbags Preparations for Thanksgiving

Preparations for Thanksgiving meals well underway

“God knows how much stuffing we’ve got 30 cases of the mix,” said Mary Lacklen, a longtime organizer of Greensboro’s annual Thanksgiving meal, newly named Community Tables.

During the next week there michael kors handbags will be a variety of Thanksgiving events in the community from food giveaways and celebrations to meals for anyone hungry or lonely or without a place to go.

“I often overhear stories from peop michael kors handbags le who are doing everything they can to make it but they can’t afford to feed their families,” said Alana Allen of the nonprofit I Am A Queen.

This weekend, her group is giving away fixings for more than 100 Thanksgiving meals for families. The group and its partners will hand out frozen turkeys and no michael kors handbags nperishable foods on Saturday on a first come, first served basis at the Windsor Recreation Center.

The largest sit down gathering will come from Community Tables, which will feed 4,000 people who may not otherwise eat at three sites this Thursday.

“That needs goes further than just the homeless,” said Ken Conrad of Libby Hill Seafood.

Conrad and Lacklen, former michael kors handbags owner of Bert’s Seafood Grille, organized the first dinner in 1987, with money from the Greensboro Restaurant Association.

Later, Wendy Lavine of Triad Health Project moved the funding to the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, which buys the food through its Holiday Fund Meal.

Victory Junction cooks the turkeys; The Painted Plate makes the stuffing and gravy.

For the first time, the group will provide van pickup every 20 minutes from the parking lots of the Interactive Resource Center, 407 E. Washington St., and Grace Community Church, 643 W Lee St., for drop offs at Congregational United Church of Christ. The church is one of the three sit down meal sites. Meals are also being served at First Presbyterian and Greensboro Urban Ministry.

The churches will provide music and activities for the children.

The volunteer operation will be based at the Greensboro Coliseum, where nonprofits such as Triad Health Project will pick up plates to deliver to clients.