michael kors handbags Preparation vital in wet weath

Preparation vital in wet weather

Richard Coombs

DALBY SES controller Angie Smith is urging people to be prepared when it comes to wet weather.

With Dalby and the Western Downs michael kors handbags are again on high alert with more rain forecast for today and the weekend, Ms Smith said there were a few things residents c michael kors handbags ould do to prevent water seeping into their house.

Of the last eight roof call outs the SES has received, five had water in the roof due to full gutters.

“Our recommendation would be to make sure your gutters are clear,” she said.

“People have been asking how much it costs to clean the gutters michael kors handbags whose responsibility it is. due to tree roots blocking a drain), it is the lessor/agent responsibility to deal with the problem”.

However, “If a drain becomes blocked due to something the tenant has done, it may be the tenant res michael kors handbags ponsibility to pay for fixing the problem”.