michael kors handbags practice exercisesA techni

practice exercises

A technique is an independent striking skill that can be made in one smooth motion. Since we have two fists and two elbows, a single technique may include up to all four parts in the motion. There are techniques that use one fist, both fists, a fist and an elbow, both fists and one elbow, or both fists and both elbows. Within a technique, the bag will only rebound once between the connecting parts.

Combinations are made by hi michael kors handbags tting the bag repetitively with different techniques. Many people just punch the speed bag from the front, but techniques and combinations can occur from all areas around the bag. The more skill you have, the more areas you can use.

The secret is learning the “rhythmic sounds” of the techniques and combinations, as well as the method of pass michael kors handbags ing the fis michael kors handbags ts “through the bag” to hit from different sides.

You may also want to consider getting The Sp michael kors handbags eed Bag Bible book and DVD, which teaches the specifics of all the techniques. The book explains them with many written practice exercises, and the DVD video features all techniques and many combinations being done on the bag.