michael kors bags Principal removed over sex in

Principal removed over sex in school

He also gave investigators a vi michael kors bags deo and audio tape in which a michael kors bags woman he identified as Seifullah acknowledged engaging in oral sex with a school safety agent in the security office, and with a visiting assistant principal in a book storage room during school hours.”I don know what I was thinking. I don know why I thought it was OK,” she tells the furious dad in the taped conversation, after he accuses her of cheating on him.Seifullah’s relations michael kors bags hip with the father who has not been named became quite serious with Seifullah even testifying as a character witness for him in a custody fight.She spoke in court as both the child’s principal and as his father’s “girlfriend”.On Facebook she even posted a michael kors bags photo of herself with the father, naming him and declaring that: “A single dad walked in the office of my school and swept me off my feet.”