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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers

The longer we go without seeing Jason (Drew Van Acker) on Pretty Little Liars, the more we worry. We learned our le michael kors bags sson the hard way with Maya that just because we don see someone bite the dust, doesn mean they safe from the PLL Powers That Be hatchet. Luckily, we have hope. Executive producer Oliver Goldstick sat down with michael kors bags TV Guide to spill on the future of Rosewood residents, including the return of our favorite big brother.

Will Jason make an appearance when his mother, Mrs. Dilaurentis, returns to Rosewood with an and peculiar agenda?: right away, no, said Oliver.

Usually, this sort of vague answ michael kors bags er would not make us feel better, but given that we weren sure if Jason would be returning at all, this is good news. Hopefully, we be getting the answer to What is in Wilden Trunk? in the Season 4 premiere, which would mean it couldn be Jason! I mean, that doesn mean he not in the trunk of someone else c michael kors bags ar, but we have to take good news where we can get it, right?

The last time we saw Jason, he had narrowly escaped death by elevator car trying in a bid to retrieve evidence that Wilden and Ali were together the summer she died. He disappeared from the hospital hours after the accident, leaving the Liars (and us) to wonder what happened. Did he leave on his own free will or did someone take him?