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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Promo

Happy Friday, Pretty Little Liars fans!

is back michael kors bags for an all new season of psycho stalking, text messaging, and. burying? The Holly michael kors bags wood Reporter exclusively premiered the new Season 4 promo (which you can watch below), and it got more and than we can emotionally process right now. The tagline for Season 4 is Unite, and judging from the promo, it looks like Mona is Little Liar now. ( need to find out who Red Coat is, she says. tried to kill all of us. But can we trust her?

Something says Spencer will be less than thrilled to let Mona into their inner circle, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Perhaps no one knows that b michael kors bags etter than Spencer, who the team at the end of Season 3 to help take down Read Coat from the inside. But then spoiler alert! she finds out Mona has never even met Red Coat. Or has she?

In the promo, we hear Aria say, set us up. Is she talking about Mona or Red Coat? Not to mention it looks like we get an immediate answer to what inside Wilden trunk a discovery that has Emily and Spencer in tears. (Is it just us or does Spen michael kors bags cer look the most emotional about this discovery? Could it be Jason body? After all, there is a body bag scene seconds later.)

And in the final seconds of the promo, the Liars, plus Mona, receive a startling message from (at a funeral, perhaps?): truth won set you free. I going to bury you with it.”