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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Clues Roundup

Things are heating up on the search for Red Co michael kors bags at. Hanna was literally feet away fro michael kors bags m the masked, red hooded figure herself in this week’s episode. But what do we really know about Red Coat? Here are the major clues that have been dropped this season:

If Wren’s artwork is to be trusted, Red Coat has long, brown hair. She also presumably is in cahoots with good Dr. Kingston. Was she the person Wren was scheming with on the phone?

It appears that Red Coat is living in the basement of the DiLaurentis house, listening to the goings on above through holes in the ceiling/floor. Emily and Mrs. D. inspected the basement crawl space, littered with a sleeping bag and old food wrappings, and decided whoever was living there has long since vamoosed. Considering we saw Red Coat sneak past Hanna in Ali’s old room earlier that episode, we’re more skeptical. So is Emily.

In the Season 4 premiere, Mona reveals that Red Coat wears masks to conceal her true identity, and that has been a continuing theme in Season 4. Does Hector Lime, the maskmaker, know the identity of Red Coat? And is the Woman in Black, who wore a burnt mask under her veil to Wilden’s funeral, Red Coat?Toby and Caleb tracked down Nigel Wright, the man who changed Red Coat’s flight plans the night of the Thornhill Lodge fire to eliminate all trace that she was in Rosewood that night. Nigel attended Wilden’s funeral on Jenna’s arm. Could Jenna be Red Coat? Or is it Cece, with whom Nigel appeared to have had regular phone chats?

Though we haven’t been treated to any actual Ali sightings in Season 4, the idea that Ali is alive and well is still very possible. We’re suppose michael kors bags d to find out for sure either way in the summer finale. Here are the major clues dropped so far this season:

Though there haven’t been any Ali sightings, we did hear from Mrs. D. that she has seen her daughter multiple times post death. Are these sightings the hallucinations of a grieving mother, or is Mrs. D. actually seeing her not dead daughter?

Speaking of Mrs. D, she hasn’t only returned to town, but kept her house in the same condition since her daughter “died.” Almost as if she were waiting for her to return.

The reveal that Red Coat is hiding away in the DiLaurentis house seemed important to us. Red Coat may not be known for her sentimentality, but if Ali is alive and making her Rosewood rounds as Red Coat, it makes sense that she would stay in her old abode.

Wilden’s death has been hanging over the Liars all season, most obviously in the arrest of Ashley Marin for the crime. With the answer of who killed Wilden promised in the summer finale, here are the clues we’ve gotten so far in Season 4:

We know that Ashley Marin was definitely there the night of the murder, as evidenced by her muddy Manolos and her own testimony. She claims she didn’t kill Wilden, and we mostly believe her, but does she know who really did?

The Liars were quick to suspect Mona in the murder, considering she went out “for coffee” the night/morning Wilden was killed. Mona’s involvement seems less likely now that she has actually confessed the the murder. Especially given that, according to Veronica Hastings, Mona got some of the details wrong.

It appears that the murder weapon was Tom Marin’s gun. This is bad news for the Marin family, as it implies that one of them or someone they are close to committed the murder.

Nurse Eddie Lamb revealed to Spencer that Wilden changed the official police report for Marion Cavanaugh’s death. Could whatever happened the night Toby’s mom allegedly committed suicide have something to do with Wilden’s murder?

Speaking of Marion Cavanaugh, the Tobester’s subplot search for the truth about his mother’s death seems like it could play an important part in the central mystery. What clues have we learned so far about what really happened to Marion?

As previously mentioned, though the police report states Marion “jumped” from a Radley window, she actually “jumped” from the roof. Why was this changed? Was Marion pushed? Perhaps by Ali?

Toby visited Dr. Palmer, Marion’s old psychiatrist at Radley and now a Alzheimer’s stricken elderly fellow. Dr. Palmer said that he told Marion to stay away from “the blonde girl,” causing Spoby to suspect Cece or Ali had known Marion. On a second visit, Dr. Palmer mentioned Mrs michael kors bags . DiLaurentis. When Spencer asks Mrs. D. about it, she claims she only visited Radley once: when Cece dressed up in Ali’s clothes, showed up at Radley, and convinced them she needed help.

Whatever happened to Toby’s mom, “A” seems to know. She has been sending him clues to help him continue his search. How does “A” know so much about Marion death? Did “A” know Toby’s mom?