michael kors bag Promotional Tote Bags for Summ

Promotional Tote Bags for Summer Events

Summer is a busy season. The sunshine and warm weather lend themselves well to all sorts of events. Every big event deserves a souvenir. You want to make sure that your clients and employees remember all the fun for years to come. A perfect choice for your next summer event is a promotional tote bag.

In addition to retain michael kors bag ing memories of the event, giving away tote bags also encourages word of mouth advertising. People who see the tote bag are likely t michael kors bag o ask about the event, which opens up a dialogue about your business. A Reusable Big Grocery Tote is a fantastic canvas for your logo. If the bag is particularly stylish, like the Bali Tote, they might even ask if they can buy one!

Promotional tote bags are touted as one of the best promo items for continuous exposure. A recent study backs up this claim. According to research performed by the Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI), on average, a promotional bag delivers 1,038 impressions per month.

Another study states that promotional bags are the most frequently used of all promotional items. They are said to be used around 9 times per month, which roughly equates to once every 3 days. To ensure that your promotional summer tote bag is used on a regular basis, choose something like the long lasting Heavy Cotton Canvas Boat Tote.

An eye catching design is key to maximizing the advertising power of a promotional tote bag. In addition to thinking about your logo design, also consider the design of the tote bag itself. Choose something that will really stand out from the crowd, such as the backpack style Drawstring Tote Bag.

Your business will also want to choose promotional items that are cost effective. Any marketing campaign should offer you a high return on your investment to be worth your time and money. Promotional tote bags come in a wide range of prices. You can easily find one that’s priced right for mass summer event giveaways, such as the budget friendly Non Woven Promotional Tote.

All tote bags, regardless of their cost to you, have a high perceived value. When someone receives a tote bag, they’ll be thinking in terms of what they’d have to pay for it if they went to the store and bought it themselves. Especially with a tote bag such as the high quality Non Woven Custom Tote michael kors bag you’ll come out on top in the cost michael kors bag analysis.

When planning your next summer event, be it a company picnic or a booth at a huge outdoor festival, don’t forget the tote bags. Promotional tote bags are the cost effective, high impact promo item that will seal the deal on a successful summer event.