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For the promotion of business, there are lots of tools available for the company. Out of them, one of the great ways is promotional items. The only thing to take care is promotional items distributed is useful for the customer and practical as well. It should contain that much space which can be used to imprint company’s details on it.

Which promotional items to opt for is not an easy task for the company as various promotional items are available in the market. One of the very useful and practical promotional items is promotional bags. Promotional bags have vast area to print company’s name and logo on it which consumers can notice easily. Company can distribute any size of promotional bag as per their budget.

Promotional bags like travel bags, jut bags, eco friendly bags or others can be distributed as freebies to the customers. Now a days, plastic bags are banned by the government, and so the consumers have to carry bags with them. Company can get huge benefit by distributing promotional bags as promotional items as more and more customers will be attracted with this free distribution.

As due to enough space on the promotional bags, company can imprint its logo, slogan and its detail on it and can boost their customer towa michael kors bag rds the company’s brand. Whenever customer would go out for shopping or anywhere, they would take promotional bags given by you and it can be proved as great advertisement of the company. Seeing promotional bag in the hand of the customer, other people nearby the customer would be curious to inquire about the company’s brand and thereby gain popularity.

Company should choose promotional bags of good quality which is durable and lasts for a long time. Mostly, customers like bags with different pockets in it. Bags with only one storage pocket may not be that much new for the customer and be enough to attract them. Promotional bags with one compartment may create difficulty for the customer while shopping as there are high chances of getting all the things getting mixed with each other.

So, Good quality promotional bags with various pockets in it which can be used to keep different things in different pockets can attract more consumers. Promotional bags with a lot of storage capacity with different pockets would make consumers enjoy their shopping and would remind them company’s brand on a regular basis.

By advertising the company’s brand by way of promotional items, company can gain customers loyalty and can increase their business thereon.

Promotional schemes are considered fifth P of marketing. Promotional tools are used by marketers from many years. There are many ways of supporting sales of product by way of promotions. Some promotional items are given as free gifts and corporate gifts while some items complement use of the main item. Giving away a bag which has a name of your brand printed on it is considered as most cost effective way of spreading brand name. It not only serves a purpose of helping the client in carrying away goods but also make them messenger of your brand. This idea is very much used by brands across the world. Three reasons for such a great success of this idea are discussed below:

Public Exposure: A client that buys product from your store or company might or might not share his experience with others. But in case you hand him the printed bag as covering of his shopping material, one thing is sure that he will move across the city carrying your brand along with him. This process will get your brand maximum public exposure and best views.

Design and cost availability: Once you start distributing promotional material your brand, first constraint that one faces is monotonous gifts that are given. But promotional bags avoid any such thing. Promotional bags can be given in a wide variety of sizes, styles and material. It is also available in lots of price points. In case you are giving bag along with a premium product, a satin bag with great print makes sense. But if your bag is being given with a product that is mid or low end than a plastic bag with rubber print comes very cost effective. Thus, a style and price matched with your product lends great push for your product. Promotional bags can also be made in paper cover, which can be positioned as environment friendly bags.

Distribution Points: Many promotional products that you give away for highlighting your product have a constraint of participation by all the consumers. That means not all clients will benefit from the scheme. But promotional bag are used by all consumers and all of them will carry it with lan. This also means that you can have biggest of personalities carrying your promotional bags even without making a fuss about it.

The new century has come with many changes in marketing of products. If one has to think of two most important changes they would be:

a.) Customers are getting more choices than ever and would always like some thing to be added to their main required item as a free gift. This entire range of products that are given without paying are called promotional items.

b.) World wide more and more people are getting aware about ecological issues. They not only look at quality of product and price but have started preferring products or companies that are protective of the environment. This category of products is called green products.

Any marketing fi michael kors bag rm that wants to promote its product needs to keep both of above things in mind. Thus, any company that has a green product as a promotional item can get exceptionally popular amongst its customers. A company that is planning for promotional green product can be classified in two types. First is the company whose existing business is eco friendly compliant. As a company, you are aware of environment and should push this image of yours as far as you can. With the addition of promotional products that is again a “green” product, you can cash at already loyal client base. This will help your company increase its followers in market.

The second type of company is whose current products do not come in green product compliant code. They want to have a piece of g michael kors bag o green initiatives. But with their current product category it is difficult to fit in the bill. Now with a promotional product that complies with green aspect, your company can jump in green product wave. Highlight of the entire campaign has to be a promotional item that is eco friendly. By this way, you are sending a message to existing as well as potential clients that your company is moving towards eco friendliness.

When you are giving away any product as a free gift, it has to be useful to the client and should be supplementary with your product. Few products that can easily give out are listed below:

Eco friendly sports bottles, this can be given away when your base product is anything related to health care. These bottles are made from reusable plastic. They can be of great use to clients in daily chores and especially on picnics.

In case your product is catering to youth, one nice promotional products could be eco friendly caps and hats. These caps are made from organic fibers. Best thing about this gift is you can embroider your company’s name and also highlight green initiative on it.

This list can be long. But you need to identify a promotional product that gels well with your product. Just remember to as much gifts as you can so that people know your company respects our planet.

In the world of 21st century, every business organization has to face a lot of competition. So, most of the business organizations whether big or small make use of promotional items along with the marketing and advertising for the growth and expansion of their business. Companies use promotional items with their logo or name to convey the company’s message and create brand identity and awareness by targeting their potential customers.

Every coin has two sides head and tail, same way every business strategy has some pros and cons associated with it. So, below are discussed advantages and disadvantages of offering promotional items:

The very first advantage of promotional items is that it is cost effective. Company has to spend very little out of its total budget for promotional items as compared to advertisements or purchasing web space or air space for online marketing. Marketing and advertising through promotional items work very fast and it creates impres michael kors bag sion which lasts for a long time. We cannot deny the fact that we are always attracted by the “freebies” and so the promotional items are always welcomed and easily accepted by us.

With very less investment on the promotional items, a company can achieve a high rate of returns on their investment. Promotional products like a pencil or a pen, though of very less cost, then also reminds the customer of your brand and pushes them to go for your brand again.

Promotional items can be used in any circumstances or for any occasion like seminars, trade fairs, trade shows, conferences, special events or can be gifted to the peoples in any of the organized event. For a launch of new product, promotional items can be offered to attract more customers and create brand identity and brand awareness.

Thus, promotional items are proven to be very advantageous as they are believed to be one of the best marketing tools with low cost of investment.

On the other side of the coin, there are few disadvantages which cannot be overlooked. There are some restrictions associated with the promotional products, For instance, if you choose garment as your promotional product, you have to spend a lot of money for production of lot of items of various different sizes and colors. Another disadvantage that cannot be overlooked is the supply of the promotional product by the supplier. It is very much possible that a supplier may not deliver bulk order of promotional item at the proper time and place that can destroy the image of the company.

One more disadvantage of promotional items is that you may choose a product that is very small and cannot convey the message of the company and does not consist sufficient space to print the company’s name, logo and contact details. One more disadvantage is that the customer may not like and accept the promotional items that you choose.

Consider above pros and cons of the promotional items and then make proper selection of the promotional item. Making an appropriate selection of promotional item drives more traffic and increases conversion rate and creates good image of the company too.