It’s not all push button pens that say things like, “GrabCo: We Click With You!” and letter openers and be logo’d chocolates and other convention handouts. The industry also includes gifts like flash memory drives, iPods, Bose stereos, bicycles, chain saws and hot tubs.Yes, hot tubs. These premium giveaways go to valued clients or high performing employees. One of these premium item suppliers is Epic International, which works with clients such as investment firm Merrill Lynch.”You’ve got people earning at a level like that,” salesman Anthony Davis says, “and you can afford to give them a hot tub.”But don’t expect to find logos on those. “That would be tacky,” Davis says.(We just hope our bosses aren’t considering motivating us with a chain saw.)It’s all in h michael kors bag ow you look at itDropping housing prices. Buyers staying away. Woe. Despair.Well, maybe for Realtors. It’s great news for custom picnic basket manufacturers, says Carl Barnett, salesman for Spectrum, manufacturers of the Picnic Plus line of logo ready outdoor eating kits.See, with life getting harder for real estate agents, it’s more important for michael kors bag them to compete for customers and build up their reputation. That’s where the picnic baskets come in.You buy a house, enter it for the first time and there, on the kitchen counter, is a picni michael kors bag c backpack complete with plates, glasses and utensils. It reads, “Joe Rocksell, Realtor.” And then, of course, you’ll recommend Joe to your friends when they sell their house.”The funny thing is,” Barnett says, “you remember the basket, not the house yo michael kors bag u spent $400,000 on.”Right. Well, the real estate agents believe it, so he says.Car dealers are also fond of them, as well as the company’s first product a foldable, pocketed blanket called a “mega mat” that’s waterproof on the bottom side.”The idea came from going to my kid’s soccer game and getting a wet butt,” says Daniel Berkowitz, Spectrum president and inventor of the mega mat.It now comes in three sizes, including a one butt mega mat that clips to your belt.Product No. 1: Perhaps not the best “Thanks” to customers of your ecclesiastical supply companyCustom calenders, themes include “Naughty Girls” and “Men International,” $6.12 each in orders of 50, $3.67 each in orders of 5,000 or more. Those cost less.Product No. 2: It’s like having a blender right in the cowThe Moo Mixer, a battery powered 12 oz. cup with a cow print plastic base and joystick like handle, “Perfect for mixing chocolate milk!” Available with your logo for $11.45 each in orders of 50, and $9.40 each in orders of 2,500 or more. Also available are self twirling plastic ice cream cones (just stick your tongue out) and spaghetti forks.