michael kors bag Promotional products a special

Promotional products a specialty at Roberts Advertising

can put a business logo on just about anything.Its office is adorned with promotional products ranging from pens and T shirts to tote bags, piggy banks and wine bottles. These items are fun and functional, and they create impressions that outlast other forms of advertising.”Compared to everything else, it lasts forever. Very often people will have promotional products in their possession for many years if it’s thought of the right way,” said Martin Pahnke, partner at .It’s also a nice way for businesses to thank their clients and employees.Pahnke said helps clients create long lasting and cost effective marketing campaigns by using promotional products. It works with clients to find the right marketing item to michael kors bag meet their budget, objective and target audience.”We’re going to be consultants first, and then very often we have to find a supplier to do it that’s going to work in the right budget and going to work in the right timeframe for them too,” he said.Its most popular request is fo michael kors bag r apparel, followed by pens, tote bags and calendars. Cleaning cloths for phones, eyeglasses and computer screens are also trendy.Pahnke purchased with his wife Karen in April of 2008. The company was originally opened in 1990 by Thom Roberts in Bloomington, Ind. And before selling the business, Roberts had been running it from an office in Fort Myers while the corporate office remained in Indiana. Roberts is still involved as an account executive at the company.So the Pahnkes initially ran both offices. However, they realized the overhead was too much, and they had to draw on savings to live and to michael kors bag cover overhead expenses.”When we started, two was two too many,” he said.They shut down the Indiana office in 2010 though they still have clients up there and put their focus on Southwest Florida.And Pahnke said the business started doing better once closing the Indiana office. The company’s first good year was in 2011, and it has been getting better every year since thanks to repeat and referral business, networking and personal sales efforts.In 2013, grossed about $502,200 in sales compared to the about $391,200 collected in 2012, which is a growth of 28 percent year over year. During the first quarter of this year, it grossed $169,500.The company’s geographic reach has also expanded. is run under the parent company PCR Group LLC. And in February, PCR Group purchased American Promotional Products in Naples. This gives PCR Group owned by the Pahnkes two brands: and American Promotional Products. In additio michael kors bag n, the previous owners of American Promotional Products moved to the Jacksonville area, and one of them is promoting American Promotional Products in that region.”To have clients in Jacksonville, it’s great,” Pahnke said. and Canada.Tina Parsons, executive director of Gladiolus Learning and Development Center, said the nonprofit recently went through a name change and had to rebrand. She consulted with a few different companies but found to have the best pricing and services.And because Gladiolus Learning and Development Center is a nonprofit, it needs to watch its pennies. Parsons said is able to provide them with great and cost effective ideas.”They are very customer friendly, they are on the ball and they get the job done quickly,” she said.Pahnke said his business background helps him recognize clients’ needs. He has been self employed since 1983, and his wife has been working with him since 1989.