michael kors bag Promotional Clothing For Your

Promotional Clothing For Your Growing Business

Who has seen that tacky key chain with some company logo on it? It cost the company a good 45 cents to make those key chains, but to be honest, they look like they cost the company 10 cents to mass produce those dreadful pieces of plastic. Or the generic oversized white t shirt? Not the best strategy, or promotional clothing strategy, for that matter.

This article is a crying plea to all of the small businesses out there to stop using foamy key chains as promotional swag. Enough already. And it doesn’t just stop there frisbees, bottle openers (really) and the worst of all: squeeze balls. Congratulations, kids will now see that business logo every day and never spend a dime on your company.

Step up your game, and make a decent t shirt. There are so many creative ways to make promotional clothing a successful promo strategy. People actually use t shirts, and as long as the quality is there, the t shirt will serve as walking billboards for your company.

Going the clothing route takes some creativity. Make your gear stand out, and avoid generic logo shirts. Use the simple, clean logo shirts for company meetings, team uniforms, etc., and bring out the creativity and outside thinking for the promotional shirts. We all have received that Hanes shirt with the company logo on it it might be a good work out shirt, but we want to give incentive for people to wear the clothing.

There is a science to delivering promotional products that people actually like, but it is not rocket science. Your company can bring out the best or bring out the bland with a t shirt. That is why one really can’t overlook the quality aspect when it comes to clothing in general.

We’ve all been to different outdoor events, right? Marathons, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, dog shows, etc. They always give a promotional t michael kors bag shirt away with all of the company sponsors on the back of the shirt and it can make or break the event’s longevity. Some events will receive brilliant advertising around the michael kors bag clock for years to come, because people will actually wear the gear.

Quality material will take your marketing strategy a long way. Start off by elevating your game wit michael kors bag h a premium shirt. The poly blends that give off a soft, vintage look will out perform the 100% cotton generic white shirts.

Tagless shirts are obviously trendy, but not a requirement. They offer more comfort and a tagless shirt seems to give off a premium look so it will actually increase the chances of people wearing the shirt.

Baggy clothing in ge michael kors bag neral is not cool anymore, so don’t mass produce swag promo gear that is the oversized, athletic fit (exception: hot dog eating events). Those will end up at Deseret Industries by the end of the year. The only advantage to producing those types of over sized shirts is that you have a good chance of buying them back at thrift stores later on if you need more.

In closing, the clothing route is a savvy business investment. You will gain valuable exposure for years with the right design.