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Promotional Bags UK

Ah! yes, your promotional bag of course.For many the cost and size of a promotional bag may deter them from the investment, but they are missing an important fact that translates into better value for money. Bags are useful, reusable and a walking advert for your brand or message if you get it right.The first thing I would like to point out is that there are bags for every occasion whether it just a general carrier or a funky executive air porter.Important Promotional Bag FactorsThey can be made from a wide range of materials including eco friendly and organics, like natural cottons, jute etc. or those made from recycled m michael kors bag aterials such as non woven polypropylene.Some of the most important components that make up your bag include the handle, the closure mechanism, its carrying capacity, store ability and the area for printing your logo.Handles mainly affect the gender of your bag, as women prefer longer handles for then they carry the bag over their shoulder, the preferred style for many.Closure mechanisms are also important as they provide a degree of safety meaning the bag could be placed on the floor, the back of a chair or push chair and the contents will remain safe.A bag with a good amount of space for carrying items is more likely to be reused than a bag with just enough space for your promotional items so give it room to be reused.Having the ability to fold it up and store the bag is also an important factor in deciding whether your bag is likely to be carried around or not, whether its in the glove box, boot of a car or even with the weekly shopping bags.Choosing a fashionable style, colour and finish is also an important factor to determining the attractiveness and re usability of your bag.Example Of Promotional Bag EffectivenessThe one example that strikes me is my own mother who was given a Smiffys promotional bag at a trade show she visited with our company.She loves that bag as it has plenty of room inside, can be zipped at the top to keep the contents secure and has nice long over the shoulder carrying handles. Every weekend withou michael kors bag t fail she takes it shopping proudly displaying the logo as she walks along. She has never been a customer of this michael kors bag company or even dealt with that company herself, yet michael kors bag she is more than happy to walk along with the bag endorsing that company because its a great bag and she likes it. Simple but powerful.Don forget to give some though to whether or not you need your promotional bag filling prior to an event. If you got thousands of promotional items to place inside the bag it maybe a more cost effective use of your time to have the bag supplied, with goodies inside.Lastly consider how you will disperse your bags, do you need a stand to dispense them from, or promotional staff to hand them out or are they going to be sent directly to important members of your market.X Post a Comment on this Article Note: We read and moderate all comments before they visible on article page. Your email address will not be published. Fields marked with asteric are required.