michael kors bag promotes Earth DaySteve Le

promotes Earth Day

Steve Leger, of Fitchburg, walked out of the store with a shopping cart teeming with groceries in plastic bags but accepted a free reusable bag michael kors bag from store employee James White.

“I think it’s beautiful,” he said of Nadia’s picture. “It’s michael kors bag a nice idea.”

Myr michael kors bag on West of Lunenburg said the release of the bag for Earth michael kors bag Day was good timing.

“I think it’s great, it’s a beautiful bag,” West said.

Shoppers will be more inclined to use reusable bags that are attractive, he said.

Staci Halkiadakis of Townsend, who owns Lunenburg Liquors on Electric Avenue, accepted a bag from White and admired the artwork.

“Good job, Nadia,” she called.

Halkiadakis said she typically hasn’t used reusable bags but will use the one she received last Saturday.

It was not immediately clear how many plastic bags are saved when shoppers choose to use reusable bags.