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Promo Two Julian Assange

Like Foundups, I have no idea if either yourself or an editor reads the comments, but on the off chance that someone does, I think it worth repeating a comment I made in anoth michael kors bag er trailer:

Many rumours have been spread that you are “cointel” and/or a “zionist agent”, etc. and I daresay you know of these . and much more about things in general than I do, which is why you have puzzled me, and numer michael kors bag ous other supporters, by your apparent acceptance of the “official version” of the September Eleven events.

Ple michael kors bag ase could you clarify this, because sundry ill wishers use it against you, btw I am a member of A for Truth; so stick to the mechanics/physics and do not point a finger of blame, though I have my private thoughts on the matter.

According to Obama (The stooge), broke the law which in effect means that the whole os US law is about lies and covering lies, so exposing such lies of course goes against such laws.

Are we not getting the gist here. Maybe few normal people in US may wake up now and dust off the decades long lies and deceit that US is the of the free because it is only part of the LIES and HYPOCRISY! The truth is that it is the worst place to think of being in the real sense of but lik michael kors bag e people in North Korea, they are closed from knowing about the outside world and only living on the daily propaganda from CNN, BBC, Fox, etc., now even lies repeated many times is accepted as truth!