michael kors bag Promo for Bones Season 7Th

Promo for Bones Season 7

That wink might look adorable, but it’s clearly a sinister warning to Blue Ivy, Apple, Brooklyn, and Suri. Move michael kors bag aside, amateurs. There a new top baby in town.

0:03 Brennan michael kors bag Eye rolls At Booth While Winking

This lady is good at a lot of things, but facial expressions aren’t one of them.

0:04 A Bunch Of CGI Bones Fly All Over The Screen

iMovie circa 2012, people.

0:05 Cam (Tamara Taylor) Picks Up Remains With a Spatula

Somewhere, Gormogon is licking his lips.

0:07 Bones Warns Peeps To Be Careful With the Remains

We wouldn’t want someone mistaking them f michael kors bag or a pancake.

0:12 New Squintern Finn (Luke Kleintank) Pokes At a Bone With Tweezers

Unfortunately for Cam, though. Science y investigation work isn all he doing this episode.

0:13 Bones Snaps a Pic of Remains With Her Cellie

We assume she proceeded to filter it in Valencia an michael kors bag d post it on Instagram.

0:16 Bones Accidentally Sends Aforementioned Pic to Day Care

Well, that’s a great way to get investigated by the CPS. Maybe they will need that help from Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin) after all!