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promised on airport security incident

Canada airline security agency is taking corrective action after the head of a non profit agency was removed from an airplane and detained in Kamloo michael kors bag ps because she was carrying too much money. was asked to deplane and wait for RCMP at the airport last Saturday.

corrective action will ensue to make sure this never happens again. She told security staff about the money, which she had in her carry on bag.

A CATSA employee made a phone call, and allowed her on the plane, she said. But once she was on, another woman in a white shirt whom she believed was also with the agency got on and ordered her back into the airport security area.

Toyer missed her flight and waited for two hours for RCMP officers who never showed. She ended up being held for two hours and had to hire a rental car to get home to Vancouver.

Harris said the regional manager apologized to Toyer as soon as he found out what occurred.

regret the incident. It under investigative action as we speak. It will not happen again, she said.

screening officer was not following procedure as this is not in line with our policy. Quentin Smith said CATSA does share information with the police under the Privacy Act where proceeds of crime and terrorism are concerned.

CATSA staff are asked to contact RCMP if someone is travelling with a large amount of cash, although there is no law against doing so.

would contact us to see if we had concerns, he said. about the time Toyer had boarded her plane to Vancouver. The 3:15 flight left without her.

Police did not order her detained, he continued, nor would they unless they had legal grounds to do so, Smith said.

If police had concerns, they would have made plans to meet Toyer when her plane landed in Vancouver.

were aware she was pulled off, but we had no issues with her.

position is under the federal privacy act, they (CATSA) can share information with us because we an investigational body, said Smith.

sole interest would be proceeds of crime. They would tell us who the person is and we would advise if we were interested. If so, we would follow up with some sort of dialogue with that person.

said this should never have happened. They have an agreement with the RCMP if someone carrying michael kors bag large amounts of cash, they would have notified in Vancouve michael kors bag r to stop me, she said. Her society has a small administrative staff and no branch in Kamloops, and transporting donations to her home safe has worked well in the past.

She hoped the bad flight didn reflect badly on ALSBC.

A spokesperson for Transport Canada, the ministry governing CATSA, did not return calls from The Daily News on Friday.

A representative for Jazz said the incident involved airport security and referred a reporter to CATSA. Communications staff for Air Canada and WestJet were unaware of the incident and said they deal with CATSA directly if there are problems or concerns. She said Transport Canada was also made a michael kors bag ware of what occurred.

She didn know of any arm length agency that would also oversee CATSA or look into any public complaints.

The report into the investigation by CATSA will be made available to Toyer if she requests it, but not to the public because it involves a passenger, Harris said.