michael kors bag Prolimatech Genesis CPU Cooler

Prolimatech Genesis CPU Cooler Review

The ProlimatechGenesis comes in a nice sturdy box with a handy dandy carry handle. The front and back are the same, listing socke michael kors bag t compatibility. Even though the Genesis supports LGA2011 the packaging has not been updated to reflect it. Even the LGA1155 update is a sticker on the box.

On the right side of the box is text in several languages to check the website for more information. There is also diagrams showing the fan compatibility, ho michael kors bag w the air flow goes, and how the Genesis i michael kors bag s lighter than most typical tower coolers. I call shenanigans on the weight, yeah the Genesis only weighs 800g, but that is without fans. Slap three 140mm fans at 162g each on there and th michael kors bag e Genesis tips the scale at 1,286g or 2.8lbs. That is anything but light.

There was one surprise. There was a spring stuck in cooling fins. Looking through all the accessories bags this was not a spring that got loose from the accessories box. So it was there before getting wrapped up. It was easy to removed and the fins did not appear to be damaged in any way.