michael kors bag Projects to Do With Plastic Ba

Projects to Do With Plastic Bags

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysCreate jewelry such as pendants and earrings using plastic bags. Cut plastic bags into strips. Use white craft glue to layer the plastic bag strips. Use various colored bags for a colorful look. Once several layers have been glued together and have thoroughly dried, cut the plastic into a shape such as a rectangl michael kors bag e or an abstract shape. Attach the shape to an earring casing (available at craft stores) or to a pendent head (also available at craft stores) to michael kors bag michael kors bag g> create beautiful j michael kors bag ewelry from plastic bags.Create a loom out of cardboard by cutting notches along the top and bottom of the cardboard. Cut large garbage bags in long strips that are approximately 6 inches wide. Tie all the strips together to create one long piece. Wrap the garbage bag strips around the cardboard using the notches to hold the bag strip securely. Tie the ends together on the back diagonally. Make more strips of plastic bags and weave them into the loom. Tie one end of the shopping bags to the top corner of the loom and weave the rest of the shopping bag over and under the garbage bag strips. Weave each row in an opposite pattern as the previous row. Soon you will have a rug.