michael kors bag Projects starting 2009Proj

Projects starting 2009

Projects starting 2009 2010Read a quick summary of projects that received funding from the EcoAction Community Funding Program in 2009 2010. For more detailed information contact an Environment Canada .

Prince Edward Island is a well known agricultural centre with fine, sandy soil that is easily eroded and often ends up in local streams. The Association will promote clean water in the Kensington North area by assisting farmers in developing individual farm plans. The group will conduct an educational water quality campaign by providing support to farmers and landowners through both one on one consultations and public meetings. The Association will complete restoration work of the Southwest River and the Barbara Weit River and plant at least 1000 trees.

LEAVE IT TO BEAVER: Improving Landscape Biodiversity by Managing Beaver Habitats

Ducks Unlimited Canada

A beaver pond provides an ideal habitat for wildlife and waterfowl but can also lead to flooding and damage of the surrounding areas. This initiative by Ducks Unlimited Canada will demonstrate the usefulness of michael kors bag the Clemson Beaver Pond Leveler to control flood damage while maintaining biodiversity.

Waterway quality is important to everyone. The Friends of Covehead Brackley Bay will focus on stream restoration in Bell Creek, Auld Creek and Black River, while educating the public on the importance of watershed management. Five hundred native trees and shrubs will be planted with the goal of improving the water flow michael kors bag , water quality and habitat of these three waterways.

Water Education and Monitoring (Phase II) Fish Habitat Watch Out

Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association

One hundred percent of Prince Edward Island drinking water comes from groundwater. Guided by the J un cours d / Adopt a River program, this project will introduce water monitoring and conservation activities to schools within the French Language School Board as well as the John J. Sark Memorial School on Lennox Island. The Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association will help the provin michael kors bag ce youth better understand the aquatic ecosystem, allowing them to take positive action to maintain this resource for the future.

Stratfordin Action: Sharing Best Practices to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island

Finding information on ways to reduce your carbon footprint can be overwhelming. The Environmental Coalition of Prince Edward Island will provide residents of Stratford with an online climate change action resource book that profiles 150 Stratford households and the actions they have taken to reduce their carbon footprint through re their transportation, electricity and water use patterns. This resource will be available free of charge on Stratford’s website and will be u michael kors bag sed to develop workshops aimed at engaging residents on carbon reduction.

Stanley/Hope Watershed Improvement, Fish Habitat and Water Quality Restoration

Trout River Environmental Committee, Inc.

Healthy rivers improve the quality of life for every community member. The Trout River Environmental Committee will partner with experts in the field of stream restoration and water quality to enhance a 1.5 km section of the Trout River. The group will focus on redesign of the existing stream channel to improve water quality and restore habitat along the watershed.

Trout RiverWatershed Plan Implementation Trout Unlimited Canada Prince County Chapter

Watershed restoration can be achieved when everyone pitches in. This project by Trout Unlimited Canada Prince County Chapter will educate landowners in the Coleman area on the Alternative Land Use Services program. Barclay Brook will also be cleaned up, and spaced deflectors will be installed.

Fish Habitat Restoration

North Colchester River Restoration Association

Clean rivers for drinking water and recreation are important to every community. The North Colchester River Restoration Association will continue to build on previously funded EcoAction projects through restoration of the North Colchester River. The group will provide hands on education on river restoration for members of the Tatamagouche area, with a focus on school children.

Managing Water Resources in A Climate Changed World: An Annapolis Pilot Project

Clean Annapolis River Project

The changing climate is likely to result in more severe rainstorms. The Clean Annapolis River Project will develop a number of tools that will allow for more efficient water management practices, including the capture of rainwater and the creation of water gardens and other similar features to manage the overflow of rain. This project will use clean water as a natural filter method while enhancing natural ecosystems.