michael kors bag Project Synopsis’Clarence

Project Synopsis

‘Clarence Tells All’ Investigating the Animated Character as a Device for Acquiring and Recounting Information within a Computer Environment.

David AtkinsonThis research project will investigate the ways and means by which an animated cartoon character within an interactive computer e michael kors bag nvironment can appear to: act intelligently michael kors bag , be aware of its surroundings, remember events that it encounters and is able to recount these observations in fluent spoken word. The objective is to provide an interactive guide, which will highlight problematical issues such as content, design and performance within the area of educational multimedia for early learners.

Marcus BennettThis project will examine ways of michael kors bag producing computer simulations of people, specifically those that have personality and appear to have the ability to communicate emotionally. It will examine the theory that narrative could act as an effective model for the production of networks for handling computer simulations of people.

‘Land Full of Loneliness’ Extracting and Montaging fragments from a found archive to guide the composition of an On line project.

Kathryn BirdThis project examines the capacities of digital compositing when used as a form for extracting and montaging the fragmentary, compeling, ‘thought images’ locked within an enigmatic archive: the voluminous pe michael kors bag rsonal papers of a ‘tragic’ 1940 1960s New Guinea Native Affairs officer, found in a Sydney action house in 1998. The research will investigate ways of incorporating a ‘ground up’ approach to plot generation that would actually develop the plot according to the dynamics of the user defined characters, rather than the usual ‘top down’ methodology, where the viewer directs the characters through plot branches of a pre written multi path story.