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Project Sunshine

The harvesting of sunlight to directly produce electricity has the potential to revolutionize the way mankind generates energy.

Development of PV devices using organic mate michael kors bag rials

Much of th michael kors bag e experimental work is based around the use of organic materials (semiconducting plastics) as the active material in photovoltaic devices. In contrast to more conventional silicon devices (which suffer from relatively long pay back times resulting from their relatively high cost of manufacture), organic based photovoltaic (OPV) devices offer a low cost solution for energy generation as their constituent (carbon based) materials are inherently cheap to manufacture and process at high volume. At present however, organic based devices have relatively low efficiencies and short lifetimes attributes that have partly precluded their commercialization. The Electronic and michael kors bag Photonic Molecular Materials Group (EPMM) at Sheffield, lead by Prof. David Lidzey is addressing this problem by exploring new materials developed and synthesized by Dr.

Structure of semiconducting plastics

The EPMM group also has a detailed programme into understanding the structure of thin films of semiconducting plastics suitable for use in OPVs. Here work is performed in collaboration with the groups of Professor Richard Jones FRS (Department of Physics Astronomy) and Professor Tony Ryan OBE (Department of Chemistry), with a range of microscopy and X ray scattering based techniques being used to study the morphology of thin films and its impact on operational efficiency.

Application of PV technologies

The effective utilization of photovoltaics is an important aspect of their application, with the practical energy budget that can be expected for devices operating at northern latitudes being a subject of debate. To address this issue, a new project has been launched (PV Futures) that is designed to provide factual and unbiased information to the public. As part of this research, Dr Alastair Buckley (Department of Physics Astronomy) has established the Sheffield Solar Farm a large silicon photovol michael kors bag taic installation based at the University that provides an accurate baseline for established and experimental technologies (both academic and industrial) that will be installed and monitored in tandem. Further information.