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All you braintanners know th michael kors bag e situation: You have successfully tanned all those neat pelts and skins and now you wonder what the heck to do with them.1In 6000 BC, prehistoric Anatolians painted hunters girdled with leopard skins swarming to kill stag and boar3. Throughout history humans h michael kors bag ave valued fur for its warmth, protection, adornment and prestige, as coveted spoils of war and symbols of status and royalty,4but the animal pelt has also managed to excite the human imagination beyond pragmatic parameters.5Like the African leopard societies and the Sioux hunters of North America who dressed in the skins of the white wolf, the berserkers of Norse mythology believed in the pelt’s power to transfer the hunting prowess and ferocity of the animal to the human wearer.6In many legends, garments made of feathers grant their wearers the ability to fly, and plumes have adorned the headdresses of Egyptian gods, Mexican kings, and the native inhabitants of North American prairies for whom each feather recalled an act of bravery.7Power and status was attributed to animal ancestry, but as humanity became more ‘civilized’, association with the beasts became emblematic of degradation, and that which was base and socially abhorrent.She has no alternative: she must marry her father, or flee so she wraps herself in the stinking pelt, dirties her face and hands till she looks like the lowest slattern8.Jonas Ropponen’s linocuts draw on mediaeval doctrines grounded in Genesis that saw animals as subordinate to humans, a position reinforced in the theories of evolution that developed subsequently. Fellow dabbler in the dark arts, the raven, features in Unheimlich II, pulling its inverted double from an ornate hand mirror, symbolizing the division that occurs in the Western psyche whereby the ‘civilized’ mind, despite best efforts, still falls prey to the bestial urges of the body.They were both victims of a curse to which every seven years two people had to don wolf skins and live as wolves. The wolf reached down and rolled back the female’s wolf skin and the priest saw underneath the bony torso of an old woman.11Her tears fell on his face like snow and under their soft transformation, the bones showed through the pelt, the flesh michael kors bag through the wide, tawny brow.12Wolf fur was good for a parka ruff13.For the past decade, has been working with another, more hirsute, social transgressor from the Dark Ages the werewolf whose history often intersected with that of the witch; indeed the ability to transform into a wolf was generally considered proof of witchcraft. Recent shifts in popular culture suggest that women are particularly suited to lycanthropy, sharing with werewolves, as they do, unseemly hair growth and a monthly cycle accompanied by hormonal, even murderous, angst. 14In Cininas’ ancestral homeland, Lithuania, wearing an enchanted belt or wolf skin was the preferred method of becoming a werewolf, while hairy palms or tails peeking out from beneath coats betrayed the lycanthrope’s identity. The dingo’s recent inclusion not only acknowledges the artist’s Australian upbringing, its blonde pelt proved to correspond irresistibly well with her own flaxen locks.A Wolf found great difficulty in getting at the sheep owing to the vigilance of the shepherd and his dogs. Kneeling in supplication, it suggests the sacrificial lamb of mediaeval tapestries, which do, in fact, inform Heng’s work, along with cartoons, popular culture, Indian art through the centuries, frescoes and Leger’s stylised monumentalism. Motifs, particularly rabbits, hares and squirrels, which are common to 12th century European hunting scenes and early 17th century Mughal art, make up the artist’s own iconography, reconfigured into cryptic tableaux and episodes. Another favourite, the snail from the St Clemente Basilica, teams up with a war dancing bunny in Boogie Woogie. 16Like the dmons in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, these animals are integral to the humans they accompany, serving as serene companions and guides not unlike the attributes of pagan gods, escaping the subordination of pets or the indignity of prey. to fondle or caress (one of the opposite sex)17’O lovely Pussy! O Pussy my love,What a beautiful Pussy you are’ 18Wynona loved her big brown beaverAnd she stroked him all the time.19The role of the pet is of particular interest to Deborah Williams, who uses anthropomorphic irony to create centrefolds of domestic dogs, drawing parallels between advertising and pornography. Sprawled on their backs, legs spread in lusty invitation, these Penthouse Pets parody the ultimate porn fantasy wanton, playfully erotic, submissive, and unconditionally faithful into the bargain. These are no free spirited strays, but rather willingly domesticated, ever affectionate companions, always eager for a bit of heavy petting and tail wagging. Man’s best friend indeed.William’s Penthouse Pets are emblematic of the subordinate roles reserved for women in contemporary media, as vehicles for male desire and trophy esque projections of virility and status20. They exemplify the similarity between the social role of dogs and the construction of social roles and relationships in human society, with the dog epitomising the qualities traditionally associated with the ideal partner or friend. Her tattooed rabbits are the antithesis of Playboy Bunnies, with their bad teeth and predispositions for chain smoking, sugar and far too much daytime television.Her own pets, and the pets of friends and family, serve as muses and models, as do TV celebrities, horror stars, mummies, aliens, cartoon characters, cowboys, pirates and social outcasts.23Green has a genuine affection for these awkward underdogs whom, one suspects, she secretly indulges with treats from the kitchen table. Her anthropomorphic de michael kors bag piction of domestic animals suggests that beneath the gruff exterior of her pool hall hoodlums there’s a soft underbelly or, conversely, that the fluffy fur comes with bloody sharp teeth. Then he opened his palm. The bird was laying there naked, shivering, helpless. Stalin looked at him, smiled gently and said, “You see and he is even thankful for the human warmth coming out of my palm”26