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Project Runway

(everyone laughs) Morgan, I covered your dress in roses

Tim: Jay, listen to your own voice. And tell her there’s a reason why she’s a model and you’re the designer.

: (about Wendy) We’ll probably find her wandering the streets, hai michael kor michael kors bag s bag r astray and overdone makeup, muttering to herself and wearing orthopedic shoes.

Design for the Red Carpet[edit]

Jay: And you think, for the last challenge Wendy, you could’ve put lipstick on.

Santino: If Van Gogh had had my personality, he wouldn’t have had to cut off his ear.

Heidi: When I saw her coming down the runway, I thought ‘How pretty are you!’ I just want everything to be pretty pretty pretty!

Nina Garcia: Pretty can be boring.

Heidi Klum: Auf Wiedersehen.

Heidi: I don’t know what that means, but bye!

Tim Gunn: (to Guadalupe) What are you doing? This is such wretched excess.

Tim Gunn: (to Andrae) Being this tight and close to the deadline, with this much work to do, isa little alarming.

Tim Gunn: (to ) Trying and acheiving are two different things.

Nick: (in confessional) All of a sudden I looked in the corner and Lupe’s going from person to person, sort of giving her critique, and I’m like ‘We michael kors bag ll, that’s kind of nervy!’ You do it, girl, but don’t you even try to come michael kors bag right here. You might get hurt.

Nick: We were in Times Square. God, I knew I should have worn a better outfit.

Michael Kors: (on Raymundo’s Barbie design) She looks like Barefoot Appalachain Lil’ Abner Barbie.

Zulema: Marla and Emmett both are last because: A, they can’t pattern make, two, they’re not the best sewers, so who would want them on their team?

: The concept is like, really beautiful, romantic lingerie. People wear lingerie, it’s because they’re about to like, you know, get some action or something. At least I’m hoping, you know, for them.