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Project Runway Season 7

Much like the volcanic ash plumes from Iceland, the tears seemed to flow on and on and on as Season 7 of Runway and Heidi Klum said last night.

There weren any surprises, except that the reunion show followed immediately after the finale. I suspect producers felt no one would need time to process the winner, Seth Aaron, which was a no brainer.

The runway show at Bryant Park did throw a little excitement into the mix. models, Michael Kors in Secret Service shades as well as cameos by actress Raven Symone, Next Top Model judge/photographer Nigel Barker and a list of other PR designers.

With Nina Garcia and guest Faith Hil michael kors bag l helping to judge, the collections took center stage.

SETH AARON German Russian military

The look: Beyond his glaringly white washed jeans, Seth Aaron collection was a mix of crisp tailoring with a rock edge I loved it. His red dress with leather cutouts was standout. The structured look of pieces including his pant suit felt more sophisticated than restrictive, especially when he paired pieces like the silk parachute blouse or the polka dot and tweed with striped legging. I also loved the yellow plaid coat and separately how he used that same plaid pattern with patent leather on the inseam for fitted pants. I didn go for the purple people eater dress too poofy in too many places.

Judges said: His exhilarating and powerful collection incorporated luxury without sacrificing his signature edge. that purple dress).

Inspiration: Me Bad ode to his mom (even though some of us remember that name as 90sR group)

The look: Overall, very wearable. He made fabulous coats and suited pairings. This collection was signified by lots of blue and red. I thought his green coat with red lining and signature dress beneath were stunning as well as the short belted blue jacket and turtle neck. His pant suit with elongated sleeve trim was beautiful. And of course that final one shoulder green gown with gold belt and thigh high slits was a knockout. But pieces like the fitted blue sheath with back cutout and the heavy use of blue and red left me feeling a bit underwhelmed.

Judges said: As always Emilio displayed immaculate taste and craftsmanship. But his collection seemed to tone down the volume from the season. They were blown away by the coats and his use of his signature print as well as the glamourous evening gown. His was the most commercial of the finalists with flattering, easy to wear pieces he definitely thought with a business sense. Overall, great work but no showmanship on the runway. This felt like a not a Shadows

The look: Not surprisingly, Mila produced a collection that was impeccably made. Not surprisingly, Mila produced a collection that was black and white and mod all over. To be fair, she did add pops of color like purple and she truly applied the judges critiques about styling and accessories to her advantage. Despite her overused signature color blocking, she fearless in mixing textiles to make very wearable clothing. I loved the leather leggings. I think the sequined mini skirt with patent details was very flirty and the white pants with patent stripes on the side paired with the coat was nice but expected. There was a pant set with a cowl neck top (I didn like it but the judges did). She also had a purple graphic dress that seemed to have a patent leather one shou michael kors bag lder bra on the outside. But I still like the leather T neck sequined dress we saw last week. A breath of fresh air for her.

Judges said: They applauded her styling changes, which created a modernized mod. They too, loved her leggings leather, black, white, plaid, striped, graphic. They thought standouts like the mixed media piece (the grayish and blackish dress) and her simple white T shirt with stripes helped loosen her line up a bit. Overall, she succeeds when she relaxes the hyper focus on geometry, but there were no real surprises to this collection.

Hosted by Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia, this get together seemed like a therapy required apology session. Here are some highlights.

We still love Atlanta resident Anthony! Best lines tonight:

feel like we girlfriends, answering a question from Nina

can give her a kidney, insisting to Tim that he has already apologized to Mila for his NY Post comments

Emilio is still upset and a bit bitter about losing

Ping is special really, really special. Nina had to snap her back to reality after her tear soaked breakdown

Jay made an incredibly mean and disrespectful comment about a model teeth and legs, leading me to be happier about his loss to Mila

Miya, with that devlish smile firmly in place, reiterated she felt too immature to compete. I agree

The judges had their favorite because it was obvious from day one that Seth Aaron would win the competition. I think they played up Emilio so it would seem there WAS a competition. Unfortunately it just puffed him up into being unbearably conceited. His contempt for the other desi michael kors bag gners was off putting. Except for the gown at the end, I couldn get over the hideousness of his colors. Chartreuse is an impossible color for most people and that turquoise and red (NOT blue and red, Rodney) combo was deadly. I was very disappoined.

Sorry I missed the reunion show!While I agree that Seth Aaron collection was more than Emilio I cannot understand why they do not take into account the work the designer have done over the entire season. This is the 2nd time that a designer who has outperformed all others throughout the season racking up win after win only to get to Bryant Park and not win the overall title. The first being Daniel from Season 2.

What the purpose of going through 15 16 weeks of craziness if you they are really only going to judge you by the runway show? Yeah if you take the runway show only Seth Aaron collection was the best. However, when you take into account what Emilio has done th michael kors bag roughout the season and his runway collection handsdown he was the winner.