michael kors bag Project Order for RehabsOr

Project Order for Rehabs

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What order do you begin to tackle each project? Do the vets here have a specific order for fixes? For example, do you paint the walls before you rip up the carpet since paint splatter on the ratty carpet doesn matter?

0 michael kors bag . Very f michael kors bag irst thing is any structure repair and/or waterproofing, as those thing can impact the viability of the rest of the project, and without those done, nothing else can be safely completed.

1. Exterior and interior michael kors bag can generally be done independently at the same time. That said, if I had to choose, I will often do the exterior first, for a couple reasons:

I want to ensure that the exterior is not compromised, which can allow water/rodents/etc to hurt the inside;

I want to begin to build curb appeal to create buzz in the neighborhood and start attracting potential buyers.