michael kors bag Project Launching of MY BAG OF

Project Launching of MY BAG OF HOPE May 9

My brothers and I are launched a project last 2011 school year called “MY BAG OF HOPE”. It was, and is still, a back to school project that we are opening to ou michael kors bag r friends partners who would like to participate or support in providing a child for some start up materials in school. They are children of farmers or land laborers and they get to school with a “baon” (allowance) of PhP 2.00 a day, that is if their parents have something to give them, enough to buy them ice candy (local version of an ice pop) for lunch or snacks.

Why in the world are we supporting these children?

We believe in education. We believe that a good education could help these children fight their way out of the impoverish situation they are in. But while we believe that access to education is a good arsenal for this fight, only half of the battle is won because these children also need to stay in school to finish school.

We are not looking for you to sponsor a child all throughout this school year, although that is not a bad idea at all, we are just looking to give them a little push as they start their school year this 2011. And this is where we thinkMy Bag of Hopewill help.

We got the inspiration from a Christmas project we participated in last year where a box of school supplies was prepared by each sponsor for a child somewhere in Metro Manila. We hope to replicate the endeavor but this time focusing on children that are living in the provinces.

My Bag of Hope is, simply put, a bag that would contain basic school supplies that a child/teenager may need to get through the first days in school. It would contain notebooks, pencils/pens, rulers, box of crayons, pad paper, etc., that a common grade school student would need.

Our help is admittedly going to be relatively small compared to how other organizations are giving their aids and this bag is going to probably look like a small drop in a big bucket. But, we believe that a little drop can provide a push to keep them rolling. The bags that we will be giving out will serve as a drop of hope for them to let them know that there are still people out there who they may never meet but are willing to help them achieve their dreams in whatever (and how little) way possible. Through a “Bag of Hope” we want them to know that we care enough to encourage them not just with words but with something tangible.

Last year we encouraged everyone to HELP through this way:

Each child’s”bag”will only cost you between Php 150.00 PhP200.00, an equivalent of one tall frappe or coffee from your favorite caf.

If you’re within the Metro Manila area, you can help by preparing the items below and we can arrange for meet up/pick up.

School bag(or a canvass bag) a hand me down bag that is still presentable and usable will do but if you want to give a new bag, hey, we are not going to stop you. The school bag wi michael kors bag ll contain the following items:For those sponsoring children in Grades 4 6Composition notebooks (2 pcs),Pad paper (for Grades 4 5),Intermediate paper (for Grade 6),Ballpoint pens,Glue,Crayons,Plasti michael kors bag c envelop

If you don’t have time to buy these things yourself, michael kors bag you can docash donationeither throughpaypal or bank deposit.