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Project Brainstorm Announcements

Laterality LadderBackground:Handedness and lateralization of functions within the brain is often a difficult concept to teach young students. This is a fun and collaborative hands on activity that will illustrate these difficult concepts. Before the activity give a brief introduction on Left vs. Right Brain Functions. What part of your brain is allowing you to do that? Now for your left?2) Discuss Left vs. Right Brain functions including the Motor Cortex and language (Broca?s Area).3) Discuss the corpus collosum and communication between t michael kors bag he Left and Right Sides of the brain.4) Split students into groups with 3 in each group.5) Give each group a set of Brain cards, and a bag of toothpicks and marshmallows. The student with this card can talk, but not use their hands to help build the tower. Students can begin building their marshmallow towers.9) See which groups bu michael kors bag ilt the tallest tower ?10) OPTIONAL ADD ON: As students are building their towers have each student in each group stop what they are doing at different times. For example, for 15 seconds, Broca?s language a michael kors bag rea is impaired. You can no longer speak. You are impaired and can no longer contribute to your team. Then do this for 15 seconds for th michael kors bag e other cards as well. The RIGHT motor cortex controls movement of the LEFT side of the body. 3) For most people, language is localized in the left hemisphere, called Broca?s Area. 4) Corpus Collosum Damage: Discuss split brain patients.