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Project Bag

: Project Bag Here’s a quick and easy project bag to hold any small piece of handwork that you want to take with you. Lay out the side piece rectangles and mark the centers of each edge with a pin. You’ll fold the ribbon (or seam binding.Here’s a quick and easy project bag to hold any small piece of michael kors bag handwork that you want to take with you. Myself, I always have a knitting project of some kind going: hats, socks, scarves or mitts all serve awesomely to pass the time while I’m commuting by train or bus, or waiting at the dentist or optometrist, or on a friend who’s late for dinner. I keep the yarn, needles, pattern (if I’m using one), tape measure, tapestry needle, stitch markers, basically everything I need for one project all together in a little bag I designed and the proje michael kors bag ct is usually done before I know it! I’ve made several bags like this in a variety of sizes and I can simply grab whichever one the project I f michael kors bag eel like working on is stored in.You will need about half a yard each of an outer and a lining fabric. I like to use interesting, fuzzy or weird outer fabrics, but for linings I prefer something that is smooth, light, and not patterned, so it’s ea michael kors bag sier to find small items inside the bag. For closure, a couple inches of sew in velcro; for inside pockets, a few inches of 1/8″ elastic; for the handle, a length of ribbon or seam binding.To construct the bag, only the basics are needed: sewing machine (or needle and thread), scissors, pins. Chalk for marking the pattern is useful but you can do this with just pins, or draw the pattern on newspaper.The first thing to do is determine how long a strap is needed, by measuring around yourself from shoulder to opposite hip. Hold the tape together at a comfortable length, and make sure you can get the loop thus formed over your head. This measurement is the minimum length of the strap plus the bag opening. Mine was about 40″.